*Pax Domain Revised*

Notes on Packilvania.

Noi is now Hive Mother. Tlant retired.

Massive exodus of Hive/Pax citizens leaves most on Earth Based territory. Approximately 400 Billion live in the Hive lands and a few inter-solar territories.

Food is a massive concern, and may drive the Pax to war or trade again.

Most Pax extra solar planets have been abandoned. The gate still leads to them allowing other nations to colonize. Note* The planets will mostly be stripped bare or massively damaged by orbital bombardments.

The city of Roi has been granted independence from Pax garrisoning.

OOC: Is that 400 billion or 400 million Pax on Earth?

probably million, usless they are very small,

perhaps they coust the nanites too for tax purposes.

Its 400 billion. There is a reason we are the HIVE. territories and cities delve deeply into the crust of the Earth and above. The decision was made to make food distribution easier. When I said food was a concern, I meant it. A good part of them exist on the inter-solar territories though. Jovian colonies, the saturn moons, etc…

actually, that was supposed to be 40 billion. Damn my sausage fingers