Planing? Maybe?

Well, clearly we cannot combat evil by not doing anything. Maybe we should have this in a “enclosed” area for security reasons.

We need to obviously develop a plan to combat against them. Also gather allies would also be handy. Since they want to consolidate the feeders basically and then go for the smaller regions, from my understanding, we could lobby them to join our cause. The more we put ourselves out in the open, the more we will get seen and heard. It’s always good to have good public relations…especially in a state of hostilities.

We do have many things in our way. Our best weapon that we had was Gnid and his influence, but he has done what is best from him and now we lost that advantage. The tyrants skills in feeder-wars and wars period, where we don’t really have the skill, but that could also be an advantage also. Gatesville & other armies support of The Empire. And a few other minor things.

We need to really start up our campaign. Every day that goes by we loose ground. We need to make our clam to The East Pacific on a diplomatic level.

I agree on the matter, that we should have allies. Unfortunately, I don’t have connections with other regions. Also, I have the suspicion, that the empire has agents everywhere, waiting to take over.

Also, I ahve another idea. I think, that many of those, who endorse the so-called empress don’t know what is the situation. They are new, just joined the WA, and then, they see the message, saying, that they have to endorse the empress. And they do it. I think, that we should send private messages to them, in which we present them the facts and ask them to unendorse the epmress.

Also, we have to chose a new delegate.

Okay, well…

*Really Nice Hats sighs

I really hope whatever we come up with works. But…

Honestly, this entire thing is making me miserable. It is not fun at all. And that’s what we’re here for, right? It’s one of our ideals. And this whole business might very well destroy it.

I do wonder if, perhaps, it would be best to defend these ideals by enacting them - elsewhere.

If we stay like this for too long we might permanently lose sight of our goals. And anything done after that would be pointless. Starting anew, we’d at least be happier, and, I think, stronger than if we stayed.

(And by anew, I don’t mean deleting everything. That would be an insane amount of paperwork.)

well has anyone begun a unendersement campaign?
personally message the endersers and talk to them?

RNH: You do make a point but at the same time we would show then that they can push people around. I doubt we will loose track of our goal tho, to regain The East Pacific. Isn’t going to happen over night–sadly–but tyrants are not perfect and typically fail. If we don’t get anywhere after a long period of time has gone by then I guess we should go USR but that’s not easy. Expecially when no one wants to recruit. O_o. Got that problem right now in Hyrule. sighs Another story, another region. Nonetheless, I just wanted to address your good point; didn’t want you to think I was ignoring. :]

Loop: I cannot say a full respond to that. But lets just say lately, I have been busy with work and school.

Procrastination over, I am relieved.