Pleasure to Meet

Greetings everyone.

You can find my nation here: NationStates | Not Found

I played NationStates in the past about 2 years ago through Facebook with a nation called Longguo(or maybe something else) and was very active in a certain Chinese nations group, created a Communist party in said group, and won through elections to lead the group transforming it from a Democracy into a Communist group. It was a lot of role-playing.

Welcome to TEP :slight_smile:

Welcome. Just avoid the totalitarian nations here…or perhaps you can’t avoid them at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

And with that HELLO THERE!

I have to admit, I’m quite totalitarian. xD Something I’ve wondered, but are there different parties in the Eastern Pacific? or is it a one-party (communist) region?

Oh, and I’ve completed my title:

Zhen(royal “We”), His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the Great Long Dynasty, the Divine First Emperor of the Empire of Nianlong, His Holy Highness, Descendant of the Dragons, Ruler of the Four Seas, Lord of Eternal Years, Son of Heaven and Earth, Sovereign of Life and Death, Absolute Ruler of All, Long Wu Di (martial emperor).

Parties? Did somebody say something about parties?

(puts on funny hat)
(goes to look for bar and/or buffet)

TEP has as many parties as there are nations. The Hive was once really popular, but then we decided we wanted to be cooler.