Political organization and divisions of Shivat

Politic Organization

Shivat has a semi-presidential system after the revolts of 1962, when the absolutist monarchy of the golden emperor was overthrown by a popular revolt with the help of the neighbor nations.

The National Assembly of Shivat (국회) is unicameral having 350 seats.

The President of Shivat (shivat 의 대통령) is chosen by the population, and he can serve for only one term of 5 years . H e is the chief of the army, and shares the executive power with the prime minister. he is the head of the state of the republic.

The Prime Minister of Shivat (shivat 의 총리 ) is appointed by the President with the National Assembly’s approval. Unlike prime ministers in the parliamentary system, the Prime Minister of Shivat is not required to be a member of parliament.
Political Division

Shivat is divided in 33 part: 25 prefectures (do), 7 metropolitan cities (gwangyeoksi), and 1 special city (teukbyeolsi)

Shivat is a unitary state, the governor of every prefecture is chosen by the prime minister with the recognition by the prefecture courts, while in the special city (Shan Lu) the mayor/governor is directly choose by the prime minister and the population can only choose to aprove him or not by referendum. In the metropolitan cities a council of 7 members choose by the population chooses one of them to be the city’s mayor/governor

The Prefectures and cities:

  1. Prefecture of Fusang
  2. Prefecture of Pullan
  3. Prefecture of Ganyong
  4. Prefecture of Taekon
  5. Prefecture of Hosea
  6. Prefecture of Suduwon
  7. Prefecture of Muanyo
  8. Prefecture of Laejon
  9. Prefecture of Pulsan
  10. Prefecture of Gangkun
  11. Prefecture of Lleolbuk
  12. Prefecture of Taimate
  13. Prefecture of Wanju
  14. Prefecture of Niapang
  15. Prefecture of Jamgyŏng
  16. Prefecture of Sanyiong
  17. Prefecture of Ranggang
  18. Prefecture of T’newong
  19. Prefecture of Yongan
  20. Prefecture of Chawang
  21. Prefecture of Taesong
  22. Prefecture of Xoseo
  23. Prefecture of West Gyoshimin
  24. Prefecture of East Gyoshimin
  25. Prefecture of South Gyoshimin
  26. Metropolitan city of Kianlung
  27. Metropolitan city of Pengxian
  28. Metropolitan city of Qianchoing
  29. Metropolitan city of Subutal
  30. Metropolitan city of Setsu
  31. Metropolitan city of Yincheon
  32. Metropolitan city of Kamp’o
  33. Special city of Shan Lu

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Seal of the republic

Flag of the Republic