Pollution Control Act

The World Assembly:

AWARE that Industrial growth is essential for economic development and one of the main sources of employment in Member Nations.

CONCERNED that Common People are adversely affected by Pollution; and Industrial pollution is international issue with significant climate implications.

WORRIED that without proper safeguards, Industrial pollution is affecting common people’s health, contaminating clean water sources and food along with loss of income in some cases due to some irresponsible industries.

CONVINCED that unregulated pollution from Industries is causing social injustice by offering profits to Industry at the cost of more suffering of common people and environment.

DETERMINED to ensure that Industries are more people friendly within the jurisdiction of Member Nations;

  1. DEFINES “Pollution” (for the purposes of this Act) as: “Any Industrial waste, emissions & effluents which has potential to significantly damage environment and/or cause health problems for people living nearby resulting in economic loss to the nation”

  2. DEFINES “Pollution Control” (for the purposes of this Act) as: “Creating & Maintaining proper facilities for emission monitoring, waste processing, effluent treatment & safe disposal to minimize pollution to safe limits”

  3. REQUIRES that Member Nations monitor and publish national statistics on industrial pollution every year.

  4. PROHIBITS Specific Industries/companies which do not have technology to reduce Pollution to safe limits.

  5. ENCOURAGES Member Nations to promote Environment friendly Industry.


A. Creation of International Pollution Monitoring Commission (IPMC) with following responsibilities
i. To monitor & publish Industrial pollution levels of various Industry categories nation wise every Year.
ii. To establish safe pollution limits for Industry to prevent hazard to environment & common people living around such industry.
iii. To create awareness on better pollution monitoring and pollution control technologies among member nations.
iv. To promote and encourage R&D efforts to reduce Industrial pollution, safe disposal & recycling of such waste where possible.

B. Member Nations to establish National Pollution Control Authority with powers & funds to implement the following tasks.
i. To adapt IPMC safe pollution limits as far as possible and prescribe national safe pollution limits as required.
ii. To monitor & ensure compliance of Industry with safe pollution limits.
iii. To promote better pollution control & creating awareness in Industry about pollution control measures & technologies.
iv. To establish safe common waste disposal facilities where Industry cannot afford it.
v. To prescribe fines and enforce them on industries found in violation of this law.

  1. CLARIFIES that this Act is applicable only to polluting Industries.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Pollution Control Act” was defeated 6,666 votes to 3,348.