Preparing for Disasters

Preparing for Disasters

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Topid

The General Assembly,

Defining for the purposes of this resolution a ‘disaster’ as an event that causes massive loss of life or property damage, exempting any event intentionally caused by a warring party, or any acts of terrorism, or other political attacks,

Noting the vast amounts of wealth spent annually by member states, NGOs, and the World Assembly itself in providing humanitarian aid after disasters,

Recognizing that some of the loss of life and damage to property could be avoided if a nation had some warning a disaster was pending,

Seeking to prevent the loss of as many lives or the damage of as much property as possible when disasters occur,


I. Establishes the World Assembly Disaster Bureau (WADB) which shall be tasked with monitoring public hazards,
(a) Defines ‘public hazard’ as a condition, event, or situation that could become a disaster or makes a disaster possible or likely to occur,
(b) The WADB shall operate “early warning” systems for the initial detection of possible disasters,

II. Demands member states to regularly inspect structures such as dams, levees, nuclear facilities, and any other structures or vehicles which hold materials which, if the structure were to malfunction, could precipitate a disaster in the immediate area,
(a) Member states shall share the findings of these inspections with the WADB,
(b) The WADB shall provide all the help that a nation requests in this process such as training national investigators or performing the investigations for the nation,
© The WADB is to keep all information about each nation’s infrastructure strictly confidential to prevent this information from being used in a manner not intended by the resolution,

III. Mandates each nation to create response plans for likely or reasonably possible disasters,
(a) Part of each nation’s response plan will be to ensure an adequate amount of funds are available to respond to a disaster,
(b) The WADB shall be able to give loans and grants to nations which cannot afford to respond to disasters on their own,

VI. Mandates WADB shall issue warnings to national governments and all national monitoring agencies, when they suspect a disaster is pending, and shall also notify the various NGOs, WA Organizations, and National Governments which frequently send humanitarian aid, in the hopes the aid will arrive sooner if advanced notice is given;

V. Declares member states maintain the right to operate their own disaster alert system,
(a) The WADB shall provide as much assistance as possible to national systems on request,

VI. Encourages member states to respond to alerts in a manner that will protect the lives of as many civilians as possible.

VII Directs the WADB to research and experiment with techniques to better detect disasters, technologies that would assist in responding to a disaster, improvements to structure that reduce the danger of a disaster,
(a) The WADB shall share this information with the national governments of all nations, for the government to use as they wish,

VIII. Instructs the WADB to collaborate with all World Assembly organizations to achieve its goals,

Co-Author: The Most Serene Republic of Cievan

One again i give my support to this new trend of military boosting GA resolutions!

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“Preparing for Disasters” was passed 3,376 votes to 1,922.