Preventing Unjust Warfare

Affirming the fundamental truth that not all armed conflict is just and that nations hold a fundamental responsibility to discern between just and unjust warfare,
Noting that while these decisions may certainly present difficult challenges, a series of procedures ought to be established on the international level to prevent such unjust conflict,
Believing such an aim to be fitting with the stated goals of this Assembly – namely, to spread peace and goodwill worldwide,
The General Assembly, with the advice and consent of the delegates and member nations thereof, and by the authority of the same, in this present session assembled, and by the authority of the same:

  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, the “initiation of transnational military action” as the act of disturbing a transnational peace, either through a declaration of war, invasion, or another hostile and violent measure across international borders,

  2. Prohibits member-states from initiating transnational military action:

  3. except for the purposes of:

  4. self-defense against a hostile actor, or the defense of another nation, where undeniable and concrete evidence establishes that said hostile actor has initiated transnational military action, or will imminently do so,

  5. preventing the well-documented, widespread, and systematic abuse of human rights, as established under international law, or where there is well-documented evidence that such an abuse will likely occur,

  6. assisting a competent national authority in combating a violent non-state actor within their territory, with the permission of said competent authority,

  7. the fulfillment of binding and pre-existing national obligations under treaty or international law, or the exercise of rights specifically afforded to nations under extant international law,

  8. in violation of their legal obligations and agreements, both internally and internationally,

  9. where its costs, in human life, economic output, and political turmoil, far outweigh its expected returns,

  10. or before all feasible diplomatic and/or non-violent efforts to end hostilities have failed, excepting those situations where an immediate response is needed to neutralize a proven direct and imminent threat, and,

  11. Further prohibits non-state actors, excluding those salaried by a state and acting formally on its behalf, from initiating transnational military action in a World Assembly member-state.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Preventing Unjust Warfare” was defeated 10,110 votes to 2,917.