[PROPOSAL] Condemn Hobbesistan

The Security Council,

Acknowledging the success of Security Council Resolution #161 to remove the inconsequential and fallacious commendation of Hobbesistan;

Noting that Hobbesistan’s assistance in Khora directly preceded that region’s collapse and subsequent frequent invasions by war-faring organizations;

Further noting that additional regions previously benefiting from direct association with Hobbesistan have faced multiple invasions and rendered their contributions to the world collectively negligible;

Understanding that Lazarus wisely determined Hobbesistan sufficient threat to warrant changes to the regional constitution in order to protect itself;

Considering contributions by Hobbesistan, such as RadioNS and the Lazarene Stock Exchange, have been deactivated, robbing the global community of their utilization;

Shocked that Hobbesistan allegedly took credit for developing Eluvatar’s “approx” script;

Concludes Hobbesistan has made a negative impact upon the global community, sometimes under the guise of good intentions;

Hereby condemns Hobbesistan.