[PROPOSAL] The Awards Act

  1. N Day and Z Day are extremely common and extremely popular events. If we give out awards do everyone in the server, then they’re meaningless. Not to mention, the awards system will get overcomplicated and oversaturated if every active person in TEP adds three ribbons to their signature every year ad infinitum. Operations, on the other hand, are much more (a) impactful on the region’s image/strength, (b) rare and exciting occasions, and (c) limited in personnel.

Awards still serve as great memorablia. I think the concerns of award complication are also pretty overblown, seeing as most people who get an award never put it in their sig.

I don’t think we need to have explicit awards for them, but I do think we should allow Delegates to grant such awards if they feel like it. Especially since it’s been a pretty non-harmful tradition for years (at least, when Delegates feel like giving them out), and I highly doubt they could have any affect on the exclusivity for awards that are never really awarded for those events in the first place

For ribbons, how about “The first ribbon to be announced via Executive Order by the Delegate shall be the permanent ribbon for its associated Executive Honor. If no ribbon exists, the Honor may still be awarded.”

IG, although this seems like a useless walkaround when a straightforward solution exists that you dislike simply for aesthetic reasons.

I don’t think it’s wasted. For one, without those efforts, we’d not have considered reform, we wouldn’t have known the issues to address, and we wouldn’t have gotten the opinions of others.

For the record, discussion on this is still active, but is primarily concentrated in a discord group chat. Let me or Vussul know if you’d like to be added.

Posting to not let the topic be closed.



Here is the dispatch for everyone else.

We’re looking to accelerate this timeline, so please please please do give your thoughts if you have them. What you see now is the products of many weeks of hard work in collaboration.

Since this was in the works for months and we’re seeking to accelerate the timeline for the symbolic significance of granting the first batch of awards on the new year, I hereby motion this to a vote.