[PROPOSAL] The Honors Wall Act

and it fell into disuse with personal Delegate awards taking their place.

Any Delegate who has given awards has at least given one of the minor awards. Altys gave the mentorship to Sammy iirc, Shadow and Aiv and Atlae gave none, Aurora gave out mentorship, I used a couple, and before any of these awards existed Lib made his own.

Personal awards don’t seemingly replace more selective awards, but are used in conjunction with them. So unless you mean something different by personal awards… no, they haven’t. The issue is more on individual Delegates caring to give awards at all (if so, they usually make at least one of their own + use the law awards) or give none at all.

A major problem with disparate awards is that they are difficult to manage and hand as they are attained.

What do you mean by difficult to manage?

For selectivity, if sensibly done, makes reaching an award more rewarding. Multiple smaller awards that are more easily attainable just wouldn’t be as prestigous or motivating.

Sure, but IMO that’s worth it. I think the slight loss in recognition for the limited number of people who get the Order is far outweighed by the recognition given to the larger number of people who may never truly be worthy of the Order, yet deserve some form of recognition or something they can look to with pride.

TEP is not just about the super stars who succeed in everything and outshine the brightest sun - the people who do the small things well or consistently deserve recognition too (and not just words in a statement, but something they can show off and be happy about… i.e. an award). But a highly selective general award is probably only going to really award the former and not the latter - otherwise it wouldn’t be selective.

I get there’s three tiers and theoretically that should somewhat avoid this, but I think it’s possible the conception of the Order itself being the only official gov award will mitigate that implied inclusivity the tiers give. Seems to have done so in Thaecia at least.

To preserve selectivity, my idea is the awarding of it solely on recent activity, within the this year, and future activity.

How will you enforce this, considering this system could last years past when you or I or most TEPers leave NS?

Not that I really agree with this anyways - I think the top tier award of our system should focus on one’s career and one’s overall benefits to TEP, not just whether someone had a superstar year.

Unless… you’re proposing a removal of any sort of top tier award? Based on how the Act read, it seems the Order of Merit isn’t like the OGO in the sense of being a supreme award, but just a small gov one. In which case, not sure what to think of that yet.

If you want added selectivity, I can add a clause that repeals someone’s award if they have lost residency for longer than 30 days or so. Similar to how a deceased person is removed from an awards list in real life.

No thanks. I’m arguing for less selectivity, not more.

I’m in favor of repealing Xoriet’s and Pax’s resolutions to consolidate their recognition into one. It’s simply a matter of reducing the number of resolutions and standardisation, which I’m a strong believer in.

Seems we disagree on that matter.

In any case, so long as there are no less exclusive and smaller awards, I oppose this proposal and I would encourage every Magister to do the same. We should not make our award system more exclusive just to make our awards seem more prestigious. (I also oppose the repeals of Xor/Pax’s resolutions, but that’s a more personal perference than anything).