Protection of Partially Born

Recognizing that the procedure of ending the life of a partially born child, known legally as child destruction, is gruesome, gravely unjust, and medically unnecessary,

Noting that the procedure is not only needlessly bloody but also dangerous,

Understanding that a mother has no legitimate interest or right to end her child’s life once the birth process has started,

Observing that most intelligent species, including mankind, are well-developed at the time of birth; each having a living brain, beating heart, or their functional equivalents; and are, in every way, persons who are entitled to full and equal recognition of their dignity and protection under the law of their inherent rights,

The General Assembly hereby:

  1. Defines,
  • child destruction as an overt act or intentional attempt to end a child’s life during birth;
  • birth, as used in this resolution, as the second and third stages of labor, namely the passing of a child from the uterus and through the birth canal as well as the expulsion of the afterbirth;
  • pregnancy as the state of an individual having an offspring develop within the uterus;
  1. Requires that all member states criminalize and duly prosecute child destruction as a form of homicide, except when the procedure is used as a medical necessity to save an individual’s life;

  2. Clarifies that this resolution does not, in any way, interfere with the legal right to abortion.

“Protection of Partially Born” was defeated 12,561 votes to 3,660.