Hello Everyone!
My name is Gilbert and I am a newb to NationStates. I stumbled upon it earlier in the day and I found it interesting.

I am very leftist, but I try to be “unbiased” and I do listen. My nation is called “The Democratic Republic of PsychoKlown”. I do believe that democracy is fundamental right as a human being, and I believe that socialism (trotskyism) is the key to achieving a harmonious nation.

Other then my political beliefs I’m a goofball :blink:, a computer nerd, and social activist (whodathunkit!).


Hey PsychoKlown, I’m Blazer from the nation of Azataki, let me know if you have any questions about the site, this one or NationStates

Hi there! Welcome to The East Pacific.

I think you’ll find a few fellow lefties lurking around somewhere… :stuck_out_tongue:

Our government is undergoing a bit of a shakeup at the moment. At present you can apply to become a citizen Once you are a citizen you can also apply to join the Magisterial Assembly, which is the democratic legislative body of the region. We are looking to seriously overhaul the regional government at the moment so now is an ideal time to get involved.

The other main thing in TEP has always been RP, or roleplay, which is what you will find in the “Inwardly Angled Hostiles” forum and around that area.

As Blazer said, if you have any questions about the forum please ask.

Welcome to TEP. :].