Public Domain Act

The World Assembly,
Acknowledging that creators of visual media, audio media, and writings are made copyright in order to allow the original creator to gain recognition and compensation for their work,
Noting that public domain allows a work hard to obtain due to copyright holders refusing to publish the work to a larger level, or multiple copyright holders not being able to agree on a fair release of a work to gain a wider release, as well as inspiring other media creators in their own work,

  1. Defines “public domain”, for the purpose of this resolution, as a work that has been released for a period of time that decidedly would be long enough for the creator of said work to profit off of it, then being unable to be claimed as copyright and allowed to be publically sold and shared without the threat of a lawsuit.
  2. Defines “copyright”, for the purpose of this resolution, as a period legal protection of different works in order to give creators a fair length of time that they may profit off the work that they have created without worry of persons plagiarizing the work and then profiting off work that they do not have a claim to.
  3. Mandates member states to recognize the period of time under copyright as not more than 65 years after the work’s original publishing year, but not less than 20 years after the work’s original publishing year.
  4. Allows any and all peoples within member states to sell, share, repurpose, and/or reuse the work freely after the copyright’s expiration without threat of prosecution.
  5. Requests member states to waive the copyright period if the previous copyright holder had relinquished copyright, such as a copyright held by a company that went out of business and did not sell or otherwise give the copyright to a successor, allowing the general populace the chance to experience a potentially obscure work without the possibility of being prosecuted by an unknown copyright holder.
  6. Gives creators the right to void a copyright they previously made, therein releasing the work into public domain, ideally by notifying the member state’s equivalent of a Copyright Protection Office.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.