Rainforest Protection Act

The General Assembly

Recognizing tropical rainforests as are forests characterized by high rainfall, home to many unique ecosystems with a variety of creatures, flora and fauna

Aware that tropical rainforests play a crucial role in maintaining a stable climate by absorbing and encapsulating vast amounts of CO2

Believing that the preservation of tropical rainforests is beneficial because they absorb vast quantities of carbon dioxide

Further believing that tropical rainforests are home to millions of different species, and contain many beneficial aspects to help the planetary climate

Concerned that continued degradation will tip the balance and transform them from carbon sinks into carbon sources, thus increasing the rate of global warming

Further concerned that the practice of slash-and-burn agriculture destroys vast swaths of tropical rainforests each year.

Noting that tropical rainforests may contain as yet undiscovered plant species who’s potential medicinal properties may lead to important advances in medical science.

Further noting that tropical rainforests are home to many non-industrial tribes who’s lives and lifestyles are threatened by deforestation and contact with diseases that they have no immunity towards.

Further concerned that there has yet to be a WA resolution to tackle the issues generated by tropical rainforest deforestation, which include extinction of species, displacement of native residents, and drastic environmental consequences.

Defining the following terms:

a. Tropical rainforest – a forest ecosystem characterized by mean annual temperatures above 24 °C and annual precipitation greater than 800 cm;

b. Slash-and-burn agriculture – an agricultural technique which involves cutting and burning of forests or woodlands to create fields.

c. Protected area – An ecosystem with an area of at least 1000 hectares of natural habitat, not altered by exploitation or occupation that is subject to special legal protection and restrictions to exploitation


Mandates that tropical rainforest areas be given protected area status.

Bans the use of slash-and-burn techniques in rainforest areas of WA nations.

Also Bans the exploitation of mineral resources in tropical rainforest areas through any techniques that damage the surface ecosystem, in part or in full.

Exempts non-industrial tribes from those provisions that would lead to the destruction of their lifestyles.

Establishes the Tropical Rainforest Protection Agency (TRPA) to oversee exploitation and reforestation of tropical rainforest areas in WA nations.
Authorizes the TRPA to:

-(I)conduct inspections of national tropical rainforests in order to determine the state of said rainforests

-(II)establish, on a case by case basis, the quantity of timber that may be exploited from a nation’s tropical rainforests.

-(III)monitor reforestation efforts and the effects mineral resource extraction for the purpose of establishing quotas and certifying compliance.

Prohibits WA nations from accepting imports of timber or mineral resources that are not obtained in a manner compliant with this resolution.

Strongly encourages nations to seek the development of new and more sustainable agricultural techniques that can improve the lives of farmers living in or around tropical rainforest areas.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Rainforest Protection Act was passed 8,966 votes to 3,001.