Greeting to you all. I introduced myself here some time ago as a Roaming Recruiter for my former region, JIGtopia. Well, it would seem that I was the only one trying to keep that region alive, and it has now dwindled into obscurity. Thus I would like to formally, and as far as I am concerned permanently, join the region of The East Pacific.

Out of all the regions I visited over the past month or so (which have been quite a few, in attempting to draw people to my region) this one has struck me as interesting and engaging. I look forward to participating in your happenings, if you will accept a former recruiter bearing an apology for attempting to recruit from you.

Thank you for your time
Chancellor Shaw, EX-Delegate for JIGtopia, EX-Recruiter for JIGtopia.

Glad to see you here now! Yeah, we’re an interesting bunch of people, lol. But we’re nice and friendly. Welcome to The East Pacific!