Realm Central News Agency (RCNA) (old)


Realm Central News Agency or Mirhaimian News Agency (TR: Toksa Kreiz Sa, commonly referred to as Sinfa; Codexian: Truth) is the official state-run news agency of the Mirhaime Federation. It operates more than 30 foreign bureaux worldwide and maintains 38 bureaux in Mirhaime — one for each regional capital and Ga, including 6 in Novaris. Sinfa is a ministry-level institution subordinate to the Realm Council and is the highest-ranking state media organ in the country alongside Realm Times. The current General Director of Sinfa, Jatan Raun nar Loren’ka, is a member of the Central Committee of the Siinkarist People’s Party.

With more than 60 media products made by more than 1,000 reporters and editors out of the over-2,300-strong staff, it is the press agency with the largest number of information products and forms in Mirhaime, from source news in the forms of text, photo, television, infographics, and audio to publications such as dailies, weeklies, magazines, pictorials, books, e-newspapers, websites, online and print newspapers, and information on mobile platforms and social networks, among others. It publishes in several languages, besides Trinter, including (but not limited to) Vesienvällic, Codexian, Volscian, Sinfa boasts bilateral and multilateral partnerships with more than 40 news agencies and large international media organizations. It is a member of the Executive Board of the Organisation of Novaris News Agencies (ONNA).

The predecessor to Sinfa was the Confederate Truth (Sinfa Fon-Tai), founded in November of 1644 in the Lesteka, the then-capital of the Trinterian Confederation. For the duration of the Realm Anarchy, Sinfa grew in prominence as the first Trinterian newspaper agency to fully realize the technique of printing, allowing papers written with news of developments on the front to be spread far and wide at reasonable profits and convenience. Following the ratification of the Treaty of Daemir and the subsequent establishment of the Mirhaime Federation, The Confederate Truth was renamed into the Tosak Kreiz Sa (Codexian: Realm Central News Agency) with the nickname of “Sinfa” (Truth) and became the voice of the Ansa Party and later on the SPP.

Following the capitulation of the Venkire Republic and the restoration of peace, Sinfa established its first foreign branch in what-is-now Sarvimaa. In the years that followed, the agency represented the Mirhaime Federation in countries and territories with which it had no diplomatic representation.
The agency was described by media scholars as the “eyes, ears and tongue” of the SPP, observing what is important for the masses and passing on the information. A former Sinfa Director Aran Lyen nar Potza’ka, noted that the agency was a bridge between the SSP, the government, and the people, communicating both the demands of the people and the policies of the Party.