Red Interactive

they added some new characters

nay nay give me some hay = Ed (Horse)

dead men tell no tales = Nub (Pirate)

jiminy cricket! = Hopper (Cricket)

the last straw = Camel Joe (Camel Man)

surley you jest = Jester (Jester)

rumpelstiltskin is my name = Uncle Sam (Uncle sam on stilts, he wont speak a word)

may i please have some blueberry pie? = Gordon (Overweight man)

i shot a man in reno = Jailbird (Bring back the convict, man with ball and chain)

i dreamt i was a butterfly = Sun (Woman character that was removed, carries two fans)

happy halloween = Skeleton

smell my feet = Skeleton in miltary uniform and with a gun

trick or treat = Ghost (very cool)

nay nay I never got any hay = Horse skeleton

the funk of forty thousand years = Skeleton in a suit

baby got back = Man giving a fat man with a sword a piggy back