Reducing Spills and Leaks

The World Assembly,

Believing that reduction of harm to the environment and preservation of lives is an issue of paramount importance to this body,

Accepting that spills and leaks, when involving hazardous materials, may cause irreparable harm to the environment and result in lost lives,


  1. Establishes the Spill and Leak Disaster Administration (SaLDA) with the following responsibilities:

    Creating safety standards to minimize the risk of a spill or leak during material transport and storage,

    Establishing cleanup standards for spills and leaks,

    Designing reimbursement standards for the purposes of:

     Making whole those affected by spills and leaks,
     Collecting appropriately punitive penalties from those entities that cause and/or allow spills or leaks to occur through negligence,

    Acquiring technologies that reduce the risk of spills and leaks,

    Distributing technologies to nations in order to minimize the risk of spills and leaks,

    Recommending the usage of SaLDA standards and technologies to WA Nations,

  2. Requires nations to establish standards and utilize technologies appropriate to their needs and capabilities using SaLDA recommendations and technological resources for the following purposes:

    Minimizing the risk of spills and leaks,

    Making whole those affected by spills and leaks,

    Enabling faster and more efficient cleanup of spills and leaks,

  3. Urges nations to establish standards in line with any SaLDA recommendations not already required by clause 2,

  4. Requires that nations deny entry to their territory to any transport owned and/or operated by an entity that does not follow SaLDA recommendations as outlined by clause 2 and which is carrying materials the nation to be transited considers capable of causing a spill or leak,

  5. Allows exceptions to denials of entry as outlined in clause 4 in the following situations:

    If such a denial would itself create a public safety hazard or significant environmental damage,

    If such a denial would be in violation of extant international law,

    If said transport is in compliance with all safety standards relating to SaLDA recommendations adopted by the nation it is transiting,

  6. Requires nations to make a good faith effort outside of SaLDA recommendations to minimize the risk of spills and leaks from any transport originating in their territory or from any storage facility housed in their nation,

  7. Urges nations to cooperate in the cleanup of spills and leaks.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Reducing Spills and Leaks was passed 7,189 votes to 2,029.