Repeal "Commend Krulltopia"

The Security Council,

Recognizing The Bunny Emperor of Krulltopia as the current delegate of The Pacific as well as Emperor of The New Pacific Order (NPO) for nearly six torturous years,

Noting that regions have a right to sovereignty, regardless of the prevailing international opinion,

Disclosing the horrible coup in Lazarus which has seen the displacement of hordes of native nations, and the complete eradication of The Peoples Republic of Lazarus orchestrated by Krulltopia, The Pacifica Loyalist of Feux, and The Weed-Choked Lawn of A mean old man,

Shocked Krulltopia was commended for playing a crucial part to halt a takeover of Balder which has now inexplicably began to fly a bastardized flag of the New Pacific Order and claims to be allied with both the NPO and New Lazarus Order (NLO),

Believing the actions taken by Krulltopia and the NPO fly firmly in the face of the Security Council’s mission of “Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary”,

Laughing uncontrollably at the author’s accolade of Krulltopia stating “Further noting that, over the course of those three plus years, Krulltopia has worked tirelessly and meticulously with only the aid of a few, very close allies to maintain the flawless security and stability of The Pacific, while promoting the safety of the other Pacific regions” while surreptitiously infiltrating and corrupting the governments of Balder and, more recently Lazarus to bring them directly under NPO control, and inconceivably at the same time allowing The Pacific to sink into stagnation and obscurity,

Firmly believing a commendation authored by known cohorts of Krulltopia specifically Feux, and A Mean Old Man should be taken with extreme suspicion,

Deeming Krulltopia’s actions in Balder and Lazarus, as well as allowing their own region to stagnate to be an affront to the ideologies of regional sovereignty, self-preservation and not fitting of a nation which the World Assembly has bestowed the ultimate honor,

Hereby repeals Security Council resolution #111 “Commend Krulltopia”.

Co-Authored by Ainocra