Repeal "Condemn North Korea"

The Security Council,

Noting that regions have a right to sovereignty, regardless of the prevailing international opinion, and aware that nations willingly reside in regions in which the governmental structure deprives them of said rights,

Believing that accruing an “empire" of several hundred regions is not an action worthy of note by this esteemed council, as many of those regions were minuscule, which effectively minimizes the impact of those refounds, thereby rendering that action unworthy of the attention of this council,

Emphasizing that, while North Korea’s raid of Benevolent Capitalism is regrettable, it did not affect any nation outside of Benevolent Capitalism’s influence, thereby effectively rendering the fourth clause in SC#158 null,

Acknowledging that North Korea’s refound of Slavya is the only noteworthy act contained within SC#158, and aware that, while it is a condemnable act, it is the only action of North Korea’s listed in SC#158 which may be called such,

Finding SC#158 nearly devoid of material which may be used to justify a condemnation of North Korea,

Further Believing that the Security Council must be kept to a higher standard than the one presented in SC#158,

Hereby Repeals SC#158, “Condemn North Korea”.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Condemn North Korea” was passed 6,165 votes to 2,248.