Repeal "Condemn True North"

The Security Council:

RECOGNIZING that the regional population within the Condemned region has dropped from over 5,000 nations in the weeks prior to the passage of SC#105 to a more reasonable amount numbering in the hundreds of nations,

CONFIDENT that True North no longer carries out willful nation-gathering tactics and in so doing no longer poses a threat to regional recruitment or the traveling speeds of the world,

BELIEVING that the Condemnation has succeeded as the region has drastically reduced the use of “puppet flooding” to artificially inflate the regional population,

REMAINING vehemently opposed to regions who use the tactic of “puppet flooding,” as in the case that led to the passage of SC#105,

COGNIZANT that SC#105 is now superfluous and no longer applicable, due to the aforementioned reasons,

HEREBY REPEALS SC#105, “Condemn True North.”

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.