Repeal "Freedom of the Press"

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #155: Freedom of the Press (Category: Education and Creativity; Area of Effect: Free Press) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Nations of the World Assembly,
COMMITTED to the goal of a free and uncensored press,
LAUDING the intent behind GA#155, “Freedom of the Press”,
NOTES, however, several problems with the aforementioned resolution:

Section I, Clause 2 could easily be used by oppressive regimes to ensure that news of the atrocities committed within their borders does not reach the outside world, thereby hindering the international community in improving the world,

The language of Section II, Clause 5, specifically regarding what constitutes "a genuine threat to the security of the nation", is so vague as to allow an oppressive regime to effectively ignore the spirit of the law,

Section III, Clause 6, is counterproductive to the goal of freedom for the press, allowing nations to censor dissent,

HOPES that, in the future, any legislation passed on this matter proves to be more benevolent,
REPEALS General Assembly Resolution #155: Freedom of the Press.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Repeal "Freedom of the Press"

“Repeal “Freedom of the Press”” was defeated 7,110 votes to 3,683.