Repeal "Guns and Mental Capacity"


Repeal “Guns and Mental Capacity”
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#134

Proposed by: Mousebumples

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #134: Guns and Mental Capacity (Category: Gun Control; Decision: Tighten) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


UNDERSTANDS that the aims of this resolution are laudable,

REALIZES, however, that there are far too many loopholes in the resolution text to be an easily enforceable resolution,

LAMENTS the use of definitions within the resolution text that were far too non-specific and general.

“GUNS” would include the following:
• Children’s toys, such as water guns, paintball guns, marshmallow guns, etc.
• Industrial equipment, such as welding equipment, heating guns, hole punchers for leather or sheet metal, etc.
• Environmental care equipment, such as leaf blowers, snow blowers, etc.
• Self defense or survival tools, such as pepper spray, signal flares, etc.
• Spray bottles that contain pesticides, paint thinners, cleaning solvent, etc.

“MENTALLY INCOMPETENT” would include the following:
• Young children, who would then be unable to use toys specifically created for their use and enjoyment.
• Individuals who suffer from anorexia or bulimia or a similar self-image disorder.
• Anyone who has ever had a delusional fever.
• Gullible and/or misinformed individuals.
• Individuals who are being properly and sufficiently treated for a psychiatric disorder.

REGRETS the passage of a resolution that would outlaw legitimate weapons testing and also the testing of items that are inaccurately categorized as “guns” for the purposes of this resolution.

NOTES that Article VI references “a test for the purposes of Article IV,” but that Article IV does not reference the use of any test whatsoever.

FEARS that the tests detailed in Articles III and V are not detailed at all within the resolution text. The lack of specificity or guidelines whatsoever leaves the content and nature of the test(s) entirely up to individual member nations. This would allow for individual national governments to subvert the intent of the proposal by creating test(s) that fit with their own desires.

WORRIES that the publishing of the test(s) on the ULC may allow for individuals to study to their nation’s test(s) beforehand, thus allowing legitimately incompetent individuals to “game the system.”

UNDERSTANDS that these shortcomings of the resolution text make this law’s enforcement and effect dubious, at best.

REPEALS GA#134, "Guns and Mental Capacity.”

Co-authored by Intellect and the Arts link to the threatened resolution

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Repeal “Guns and Mental Capacity” was passed 10,272 votes to 1,639.