Repeal "International Expositions Act"

The World Assembly,

Acknowledging the effort of General Assembly Resolution #172 “International Expositions Act” to highlight the rich and diverse traditions of World Assembly members,

Concerned #172 mandates an “International Exposition of Culture” every year, whilst failing to account for the massive cost, and time needed to construct facilities for such an exposition to take place,

Confused by the fact the “International Exposition Authority” has the full authority to select a member nation city to host the “International Exposition of Culture”, whilst failing to define the nomination criteria of such a selection,

Befuddled #172 states these expositions must be carried out in the manner of a worldwide fair, whilst failing to define what a world wide fair should entail,

Disappointed clause 7(a) states host nations have the right to deny entry to nations of which they are currently in conflict with, thus denying legitimate member states the right to showcase the heritage and culture of their nation to the rest of the international community,

Further confused that host members may not omit certain ideologies, cultures, or beliefs from these conventions, whilst simultaneously stating they may deny entry to nations of whom they are in conflict with, thus defeating the purpose of clause 7(a), by causing intentional conflict with said nation,

Hereby repeals “GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION # 172 International Expositions Act”.

Repeal “International Expositions Act” was passed 12,220 votes to 1,510.