Repeal Legalized Prostitution

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A proposal to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal
Resolution: #46
Proposed by: Powerhungry Chipmunks

Description: UN Resolution #46: Legalize prostitution (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
Argument: The United Nations,

RECOGNIZING as a precedent of the UN to uphold health and safety as public rights,

BEARING responsibility to encourage healthy practices in member nations and discourage unhealthy practices,

REVIEWING the possible increased public health risk from encouraging prostitution in member nations,

DETERMINING it a member nation’s right to allow or disallow prostitution independently, based upon that member nation’s independent medical need and standing;

REPEALS “Legalize Prostitution”, implemented February 2 2004;

HONORS the following passed resolutions, in their efforts to bring about a healthier, more disease-free world: “Keep the world disease free!”, implemented April 14 2003; “Required Basic Healthcare”, implemented June 5 2003; “’RBH’ Replacement”, implemented June 26 2003; “The IRCO”, implemented September 1 2003; “Global AIDS Initiative”, implemented October 18 2003; “No Embargoes on Medicine”, implemented October 24 2003; “Increased Access to Medicine”, implemented December 28 2003; “World Blood Bank”, implemented April 14 2004; “Needle Sharing Prevention”, implemented July 23 2004; “Epidemic Prevention Protocol”, implemented October 13 2004; “Stem Cell Research Funding”, implemented Novermber 30 2004; and “NS HIV AIDS Act” implemented December 28 2004;

Voting Ends: Wed Jan 12 2005

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I’m for the repeal, I didn’t like the fact that the UN mandated that every UN nation must allow prostitution in their nation. A clear violation of sovereignty if I ever saw one, whether to allow prositution or not in your nation is not an international issue in any way.

I would have to agree with you. I don’t feel the UN has any place in legislating anything like prostitution.To me thats up to each individual nation.

I’m with both of them. The UN, in NS, has greatly overstepped its boundries in this case, and many others. It needs to be repealed.

The Republic of Milesandia concurs with the statements made by Fish Island and Queen Hugnkisses, and asks for a repeal of legalized prostitution.


Kenton St. Andrews
Department of Labor


It doesn’t make much sense for all the “Holy Republics of whatever” to have legalized prostutition.

States rights.

i aslo agree that it should be repealed

if I recall correctly I got the issue asking me about Prostisution…I made the government manage it, if it was all read leagle I wonder why it was even an issue…

oh well I say it should get repealed