Repeal "Liberate Eastern Europe"

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #36: Liberate Eastern Europe shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly Security Council,

RECALLING that the original purpose of Resolution #36 was a dispute over refounding Eastern Europe that has since been resolved with the help of said Resolution,

RECOGNIZING that the WA Delegate it names, Czech Mate has served capably and been re-elected twice since, and has overseen the establishment of regional embassies negotiated by Eastern Europe’s elected regional diplomat, Flobos, and approved by the natives of Eastern Europe in multiple referenda,

AWARE that the motion to repeal has come from natives of Eastern Europe not involved in the original dispute, with Czech Mate, Flobos, and Romani Romania all abstaining in the regional referendum in which the participating parties unanimously supported a repeal by a 10-0 margin, with 5 total abstentions,

UNDERSTANDING that the natives of Eastern Europe feel more secure not having forced liberation status, particularly in light of the recent discovery of a dozen puppets in Eastern Europe and the failure of their master to identify their intent, as well as a separate failed invasion of Eastern Europe approximately one month ago,

RESPECTING that the nations of Eastern Europe believe that repealing Resolution #36 will allow them to finally move on from a tumultuous chapter in their regional history,

CONCLUDING that it is just and proper for the natives of Eastern Europe to decide on and be in control of their own fate,

Hereby repeals Liberate Eastern Europe.

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Repeal “Liberate Eastern Europe” was passed 8,869 votes to 1,015. Repeal “Liberate Eastern Europe” was passed 8,869 votes to 1,015.

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