Repeal "Nuclear Material Safeguards"

The General Assembly:

AFFIRMING that the security of nuclear weaponry is necessary to prevent their acquisition and use by terrorist organizations;

REGRETTING that GAR#351, “Nuclear Material Safeguards”, is flawed in its attempt to accomplish this goal;

DISTRESSED by the lack of clarity in clause 2, which in fact does not serve to secure intellectual property associated with nuclear weapons and reactors, and instead promotes the dissemination of intellectual property, thereby increasing the chances of such knowledge getting into “the wrong hands”;

CONCERNED in particular that “the wrong hands” as referenced in clauses 3 and 4 are undefined and that “the wrong hands” is a fatally flawed concept, to wit:

– Lacking an internationally accepted definition of “the wrong hands”, in a war between two nations or groups of nations, each side would subjectively consider the other “the wrong hands”;

– The qualifier including “those which conspire against the stability of member nations” would essentially render all parties to war involving member nations “the wrong hands”, as many acts of war (e.g. bombing military targets, killing opposing soldiers, infiltration and spying) intentionally attempt to destabilize opposing nations as a goal of war;

ALARMED that clause 4 enables poorer nations who nevertheless have obtained a nuclear technology by ill-gotten means to receive funding and technological assistance from the NESC as a reward for doing so;

HOPING that this well-intentioned but indefensible resolution will be replaced by one that genuinely serves to secure nuclear technology and materials;

HEREBY repeals GAR#351, “Nuclear Material Safeguards”.

Condemn DEN was passed 9,151 votes to 5,811.