Repeal "Nuclear Security Convention"

Remembering the use of this resolution in an attempt to repeal 10 GA, the Nuclear Arms Possession Act, which allows World Assembly nations to have nuclear weapons, and therefore considering this a threat to the stability of the international system itself and

Believing that the threat of ‘uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear technology, particularly by non-members who are not bound by the conventions of international law’ mentioned in the Nuclear Security Convention, hereafter referred to as the Convention, is an over-exaggerated menace which cannot be affected by World Assembly legislation anyway,

This august World Assembly;

  1. Objects to the clause that member states are to ‘[prevent] the transfer of nuclear technology, design specifications, and materials if there is reason to suspect that they will be weaponised’, as:

a. this prevents the transfer of nuclear propulsion technologies in warships, for the nuclear technology is weaponised by putting it inside that ship and by preventing that transfer, degrades the ability of nations to assist in collective defence,

b. this also prevents the transfer of nuclear materials and specifications inside countries, as there is no limiting statement on to where such transfers are permitted and by preventing that transfer, prohibits nations from moving nuclear materials within their own sovereign borders,

c. this also prevents the transfer of nuclear technologies used for energy production, for suspicion is always cast on nuclear fission due to the easy reapplication of peaceful technologies to weapon production (the only differences being that of reaction control and purity) and by preventing that transfer, prevents cheap and available electricity from being more readily available, and

d. this also prevents the transfer of specifications of any kind as the criteria for suspicion are not as of yet settled and by preventing that transfer, increases the likelihood of nuclear disasters by depriving scientists of important knowledge and safety procedures;

  1. Questions the enforceability of the clause referenced in (1), no matter how sophisticated and Latinate this appears in comparison to a previous legislation’s reference of ‘wrong hands’;

  2. Objects, with shoe-banging, to the enforceability of a requirement that ‘all measures necessary and practical’ be taken, as the extent to these measures is as of yet undefined in their extent;

  3. Disapproves of the failure of the World Assembly to protect indigenous and foreign nuclear technologies and materials and thereby leaving open a path to ban nuclear weapons by prohibiting their supply chain; this Assembly hereby;

  4. Repeals the Nuclear Security Convention.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Repeal "Nuclear Security Convention"

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The General Assembly resolution Repeal “Nuclear Security Convention” was passed 10,269 votes to 3,764.