Repeal "On Expiration Dates"

The General Assembly,

COMMENDING General Assembly Resolution #149, On Expiration Dates, for seeking to ensure safety among consumers of perishable goods;

DISAPPOINTED, however, that GAR#149 states, in relevant part:

CHARGES any distributor of any necessity to attain an accurate and average prediction of how long each and every necessity that they distribute will last until it degrades to a level of quality at which it will directly “lead to the deprivation of any sort of bodily activity that is required for the extension of [one’s] lifetime;”

NOTING that the resolution in question is flawed, inasmuch as it only requires that products display how long such a product lasts on average before spoiling, while failing to require the above said items to display the date in which the product was manufactured;

REGRETTING that such a loophole renders the entirety of the resolution useless, and even detrimental, as it allows manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to deceive consumers as to when the product is to expire;

FURTHER NOTING that GAR#149 requires all items, regardless of whether an expiration date is necessary or practical, to display such labels on the products;

BELIEVING the aforementioned resolution to be irrevocably flawed;


REPEALS General Assembly Resolution #149 “On Expiration Dates.”

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Repeal "On Expiration Dates"

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Repeal “On Expiration Dates” was passed 9,036 votes to 930.