Repeal "Preservation of Artefacts"

This august World Assembly,

Concerned about the failure of adequately define ‘historical significance’ and establish a bar which would adequately and effectively determine what needs to be preserved;

Cognisant that there are over twenty-five thousand World Assembly member nations and that 363 GA creates an International Historical Archive, which is charged with the creation of a museum which will ‘generations current and future to learn of civilisations past and present’;

Baffled at the likely projected costs of such a project given the number of civilisations which have existed both in the past and the present;

Certain that the ‘WA funds’ which are alluded to in 363 GA § 2 are not endless and that the source of those funds originates from member nations, thereby requiring more and more funds over time as history does not end;

Concerned that culturally significant military targets, even if they are currently used as active military installations, are protected from destruction, even if those targets would facilitate the loss of many lives; and

Believing that protection of cultural artefacts is already ensured by 287 GA ‘Cultural Site Protection’; hereby

Repeals 363 GA, ‘Preservation of Artefacts’.

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This resoulution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Preservation of Artefacts” was passed 13,328 votes to 6,337.