Repeal "Protection of Sapient Rights"

The General Assembly,

While Commending the World Assembly’s dedication to ensuring the rights of sapient beings wherever they may exist;

Dismayed that GAR#338 contains numerous flaws which even the author acknowledges, and that these flaws necessitate a repeal to enable a replacement with a more comprehensive and better thought out resolution;

Argues that “Protection of Sapient Rights”

Defines "Sapient Being" as any entity possessing a) the ability to reason and act with appropriate judgement. This excludes children and infants in the definition of a 'Sapient Being' as children do not have the full mental capabilities to reason and act with appropriate judgement. By excluding children and infants in the definition of a 'sapient being', this resolution clearly eliminates the rights of children, even if those children are members of sapient species;

Excludes the mentally ill and incapacitated being defined as a 'sapient being' because of the poor definition of a "sapient being". The mentally ill and incapacitated obviously cannot reason and act with appropriate judgement;

By granting the same rights as humans to non-human sapient beings, risks giving rights only for humans past the legal age of majority to non-humans that would normally be considered minors, and the resolution fails to address this;

Sets up the sapience determination test for abuse, allowing nations to make human anatomy or other unique characteristics necessary to prove ability to reason;

Concerned that this resolution meant to protect the rights of any sapients discovered by WA member nations actually does very little to protect them, and opens the door for widespread abuse, including the ability to define many humans as non-sapient and thus rob them of WA rights given specifically to sapient beings rather than humans;

Hoping that a superior replacement is swiftly passed to secure the rights of sapients again; and

Hereby Repeals GAR#338

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Repeal 'Protection of Sapient Rights'

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.