Repeal "Quarantine Regulation"

The World Assembly,

Understanding that the logistics of quarantines raise many issues due to the individual’s needs conflicting with society’s;

Acknowledging that the resolution puts a number of measures into place which fixes some of these issues and improves the standards of quarantines;

Regretting that 385 GA fails to cover many issues involving medical ethics and medicine within a quarantine;

Questioning whether the resolution’s four point definition of “treatment” is malleable enough to cover untested methods or procedures;

Concerned that 385 GA requires any appropriate treatment available to be given to infected persons regardless of whether the treatment would, as a side effect, permanently cripple the person;

Unsettled by the resolution’s mandate to put infected persons in the nearest quarantine to them, causing drastic displacement if a person happened to be far away from their home at the time;

Distraught by 385 GA’s complete lack of information on what constitutes appropriate force when restraining infected persons attempting to escape a quarantine;

Believing that the resolution does not properly address these matters, and skims many central issues on the topic of quarantines;

Worried that 385 GA makes it extremely difficult to pass further legislation on ethical problems as pertaining to quarantines;

Hoping to clear the hastiness of the resolution from these halls and pass a new resolution that fills the gaping hole 385 GA created;

Hereby repeals “Quarantine Regulation”.