Repeal "Responsible Arms Trading"

Affirming the need for the securitisation of weapons for the peaceful lives of civilians across the world,

Recognising that war is an inevitable part of human nature as well as a conflict which can lead to the creation of new nations and the achievement of radical change, and

Believing that peace and prosperity are best preserved by the protection of civilians and not overregulation of arms used generally for defence,

This august World Assembly;

  1. Objects to the definition of armament, as it includes the “parts necessary in their construction or production”, which includes items such as wood, metal, brass, and saltpetre, since this is an overly broad definition which includes many resources which are and are not used in armament production;

  2. Realises that clause (4) is a piece of boiler-plate filler which does nothing, since it exempts from regulation weapons that are not regulated and only binds future regulations to relax gun control laws for ‘recreational purposes only’ and tighten said laws in the case of posing ‘imminent lawless action’, the first of which is irrespective of the violent nature of non-developed countries and the second of which is irrelevant, as any regulation passed would ipso facto make violations ‘imminent’ and ‘lawless’;

  3. Objects to the requirement that ‘exporters and brokers of armaments within member nations … register with the relevant governments of the nations in which they operate’, as this would mean government oversight over all armament production facilities and endanger the freedoms of civilians who may want to overthrow dictatorships;

  4. Decries clause (7), which prohibits the sale of weapons:

a. if there is a possibility of diversion, which may occur in the chaos of war (e.g. blockades, interception, etc.) and or

b. if there is a possibility of use in a ‘war of conquest or expropiation’, the definition of which is not well defined, and hence, can include cases where nations may wish for payments of war indemnities (thus expropriating wealth), colonies, and or claims of uninhabited territories;

  1. Believes that the mandate for the issuance of ‘end-user certificates’ is irrespective of the chaos of war, which may lead to the capture of war materiel, hence forcing that ‘said buyer’ might not be the ‘final recipient of the product’; and thus; this esteemed World Assembly;

  2. Repeals the resolution on Responsible Arms Trading.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Responsible Arms Trading” was passed 11,921 votes to 3,885.