Repeal: “Right of Emigration”

General Assembly Resolution #279 “Right of Emigration” (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

This august World Assembly,

Observing that there is a provision to allow for emigration restriction in the case of criminal sentences, but also seeing that such a provision does not create a restriction for civil liabilities, and therefore concerned that the right of emigration could be used to evade court-mandated civil liabilities, such as child support,

Concerned that this right, in a world of extremely quick travel, could also be used to evade court summons and thereby deprive governments of much-needed evidence to substantiate criminal prosecutions,

Noting that because the resolution prevents emigration restrictions in times of war, mass emigration is likely, which would lead to labour shortages for war industries and stop the production of materiel needed for the defence of the nation, and

Further noting that the resolution states that ‘no government may prevent the emigration of individuals from their nation’, which, when combined with the existence of outbound border controls, requires nations to either choose to disband such outbound controls (and therefore be unable to measure population outflows) or be burdened with the massive costs of issuing passports to all citizens,

Hereby repeals 279 GA ‘Right of Emigration’.

“Repeal “Right of Emigration”” was defeated 12,272 votes to 5,729.