Repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States"

Strongly affirming the need for a collection of World Assembly resolutions that clearly delineate the basic rights and responsibilities of member states,

Regretting that the numerous flaws present in GAR #2, “Rights and Duties of WA States”, necessitate its repeal,

Condemning the target resolution’s morally repugnant conception of war, which is that war is permissible so long as it is consensual,

Shocked that this conception of war effectively legalizes armed conflict between two or more mutual aggressors, in which each party wishes to take control over the others’ territory, population or resources, because such a war is technically consensual,

Appalled that this conception of war also forbids military activity necessary for the maintenance of international security and the protection of human rights, such as peacemaking operations and humanitarian interventions, because not all parties consent to the conflict,

Distressed that the target resolution forbids nations from any unrequested intervention in the sovereign affairs of other nations, regardless of whether such intervention is justified, as in the case of peacemaking operations and humanitarian intervention,

Alarmed that the target resolution’s requirement that resolutions be implemented in “good faith” is sufficiently vague as to permit the effective circumvention of resolutions through sincere yet invalid interpretations of resolutions, while prohibiting the World Assembly from passing a separate resolution governing the legitimate interpretation of resolutions,

Concerned that the target resolution prevents the World Assembly from taking or supporting any military action whatsoever, even in circumstances where the target member state consents to such intervention, as in the case of peacekeeping,

The General Assembly,

Repeals GAR #2, “Rights and Duties of WA States”.

“Repeal “Rights and Duties of WA States”” was defeated 13,737 votes to 5,692.