Repeal "Safety in Difficult Times"

Repeal “Safety in Difficult Times”
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#156

Proposed by: FreeWillToAll

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #156: Safety in Difficult Times (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: OBSERVING the need to provide safety nets and protection in Difficult Times.

APPLAUDING all countries that are and have been providing welfare to persons located in their jurisdiction.

REALIZING not all countries have the resources to do so; especially in hard economic times.

FRIGHTENED, that this may force nations to raise taxes, which may cripple already struggling economies and force countries to resort to plundering other countries of their wealth.

FURTHER CONCERNED that this resolution has many loopholes that may be abused, and such abuse, and the oversight needed to catch offenders, will cost nations even more money that they may not have.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, The proposal does not specify what is an ‘‘Illness severe enough to prevent the beneficiary from working.’’ This generates room for problems. A citizen could easily use this loophole to avoid working.

NOTING, ‘‘Safety in Difficult Times’’ specifies that unemployment benefits be given to those involuntarily unemployed. It does allow for those involuntarily unemployed due to being fired for incompetence, among many other reasons one may be fired. This leaves a loophole open for those who are unwilling to work to cause themselves to be fired and receive benefits.

ADDITIONALLY NOTING, bereavement clause is unneeded and will be abused by those not interested in working. For example; A middle aged citizen whose father or mother died could take a whole year’s vacation paid by the government. In reality, while the loss of a loved one is a terrible thing, it does not require a person to be out of work for any significant length of time.

FURTHER NOTING, This resolution requires the dispensation of funds when one gives birth to a child or adopts one (See Parental Leave Section 4). For one, there is no specified length of time for the benefits to last. Secondly, there is nothing stating that the new parents must keep the child. Thirdly, there is nothing regarding cases of neglect.

WORRIES about the provisions of section 5b); ‘‘Pensions for survivors who are minors shall last until they have attained a basic education and are able to work’’. This is a very lengthy time for anyone to receive benefits. This would basically allow the child’s guardian to live off the government dime the entire time since the provision states that benefits must be enough to provide for housing, food, utilities, and schooling costs. There is no reason that a child’s guardian could not obtain work in a reasonable amount of time. Single parents of divorce do it every day.

REALIZES this is an attempt at international welfare, which each member nation is capable of seeing to themselves if they are able and willing. Many have them already, which makes this resolution redundant. Not only this, but such a Socialist piece of legislation is an ideology; something which member states are prohibited to force on others, as the rights and duties of World Assembly states declares.

ADDITIONALLY NOTING, due to the cultural and societal differences in all of the countries in the World Assembly, welfare is an issue that must be solved domestically and crafted to the specific needs and wants of the target population and through.

RESOLVES, that the ‘‘Safety in Difficult Times’’ resolution is poorly worded, ambiguous, and addresses an issue that should be resolved domestically.

HEREBY REPEALS ''Safety in Difficult Times

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Repeal “Safety in Difficult Times” was passed 7,652 votes to 3,599.