Repeal "Sexual Health and Education Act"

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the aim of Resolution #359 to attempt to give students a sexual education;

Yet concerned about the many flaws of Resolution #359, including that it:

I. Ignores that this World Assembly is made up of a variety of species, including ones that do not have puberty, ones that do not have any form of sex or gender, and ones that would have no use learning “human anatomy” instead of their own species’ anatomy;

II. Arbitrarily sets age brackets for various topics of sexual education to be taught, without reference to the fact that even human children enter puberty at a wide range of ages;

III. Allows students to be exempt from the entire course and have to take a “standard health course” instead, but fails to mention any difference between the two courses, or even what in vague terms a standard health course would cover;

IV. Permits only parents to exempt students from the sexual curriculum, ignoring the plethora of children in our member states who have a guardian instead of a parent;

V. Exempts private schools entirely, allowing nations which do not make use of public schooling to fail to educate students on sexual health at all;

Declaring that these numerous flaws yield to a superfluous, vague, disagreeable, and narrow resolution;

Hereby repeals “General Assembly Resolution #359, Sexual Health and Education Act”

The General Assembly resolution Repeal “Sexual Health and Education Act” was passed 11,801 votes to 4,260.