Repeal "Stem Cells For Greater Health"


DECLARES that repealing GAR#49, “Stem Cells for Greater Health,” will not prohibit stem cell treatments in WA member nations.

RECOGNIZES the shortcomings of this Resolution, which include:

  1. The emphasis it places solely on stem-cell research:

a. A broader base of support for innovative medical research may improve the overall health and well-being of individuals within WA member nations.

b. Some nations may have access to technology that is more advanced than stem-cell research, which limits the usefulness of this resolution.

  1. The requirement with regards to the WHA funding and conducting research into stem cells alone prevents the WHA from focusing its resources towards the most promising and effective research. Instead, the WHA is required to use their resources on stem cell research even in the face of technological advances which may make stem cell research obsolete.

  2. The failure to ensure patient access and/or affordability of stem cell treatments resulting from the research and development covered in this resolution.

  3. The automatic inclusion of “All breakthroughs and developments … into the Public Domain” through this resolution waives the intellectual property rights of those who make groundbreaking discoveries and may also discourage, or at least slow, the development of new innovations.

REGRETS the lack of sufficient and necessary regulations and/or guidelines when harvesting stem cells as the resolution only states that “Stem Cells must be harvested in the most humane and least destructive way possible.”

NOTES that:

  1. Consent - specifically uncoerced, informed consent - should be obtained from the donor or legal guardian of stem cell tissue, which is not required within this resolution.

  2. Stem cells should be harvested as effectively and efficiently as possible, while minimizing the risk to the donor.

  3. Demand for stem cells may have increased as a result of this resolution, which in turn may have resulted in unethical methods of stem cell harvesting and/or the exploitation of stem cell donors.

BELIEVES that individuals and/or private organizations that discover new stem cell innovations should retain their intellectual property rights for a period of time, in accordance with other international laws on the subject.

ACKNOWLEDGES that the World Assembly has previously affirmed the freedom of choice with regards to medical treatment and the right to medically essential drugs and treatment.

LAMENTS, however, the lack of sufficient protections for donors of stem cells within the text of this resolution.

UNDERSTANDS that this resolution is not only flawed and insufficient but may also serve as an impediment to the development of new innovations in medical technology and treatment.

ENCOURAGES the World Assembly to consider future legislation in order to promote the development of effective, cutting edge technologies in the fields of health and science.

REPEALS GAR#49, “Stem Cells For Greater Health.”

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Repeal "Stem Cells for Greater Health"

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Repeal “Stem Cells For Greater Health” was passed 8,079 votes to 1,466.