Request for a Flag

First of all, would like to thank you in advance. I’ve attempted to make flags, but they’ve ended up being 800 kb, and NationStates only allows 6 K.B. flags—

  1. I would like a flag in horizontal stripes. I want these colors in any order: Dark Red (Burgundy, Maroon), Red, Orange, Yellow. Then, on the top of that, I would like a small picture of a snapping turtle.
    I am being genorous :lol: so you can choose from my picture, and modify the turtle how ever you want…if you cannot put the turtle on though, that is okay—just tell me in advance so I don’t get my hopes up :smiley:
    If you need a different picture, please contact me!

Turtles is groovy, actually the second flag to be requested with a turtle on it.