Returning (this time for good)

Hi all, it’s old Krech, back once again (and this time I’m actually freakin’ staying!). If you recall, I came back for a short while hoping to get back into RP, but the realization that my time constraints were too great forced me to leave rather abruptly - by the way, sorry about that!

So this time, I return as an Arab nationalist state based rather obviously on pre-2003 Iraq. :slight_smile: Hopefully, the fact that it’s summer will allow me to concentrate on RP.

So anyway, what’s up with you homies? Is there any cool stuff goin’ on I should know about?

P.S. it’s good to see all the silly smilies are still here.

hugs welcome back for good
we missed ya comrade.

Hey, Krech. Welcome back (again).

Welcome back!

Salaam alleikum, camarade, welcome back. Kelssek will enjoy establishing cordial diplomatic relations to be followed by uncomfortable diplomatic hand-wringing when the purging starts.

Welcome back!

Thanks all, it’s good to see the peeps I remember from my day.

And don’t worry Kel, I’ll make sure I keep the purges and ethnic cleansing on the down-low. But once I start invading my neighbors and getting bogged down in never-ending desert trench warfare, you may have a problem. :wink:


Just wondering, couldn’t you get the mods at NS to restore your old nation?

Welcome back anyway.