Right to self-defense

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Mild
Ashamed that this Assembly does not already guarantee or recognize the right of an individual to defend themselves and family from an imminent threat,
Cognizant that some governments deliberately oppose affording the right of self-protection in order to suppress the freedoms and liberties of the individuals and maintain a controlling presence on the populace,
Acknowledging that government services put in place to protect the lives of public and safety from harm - such as a police force - are not always readily available in a dire situation that may endanger the life of an individual and/or the lives of their family,

  1. Defines “family” as someone related to an individual by blood, in marriage, in law, or of some substantial and tangible relationship,
  2. Further defines “arms” as any weapons, munitions, or equipment designed to inflict bodily harm or physical damage, including, but not limited to, firearms, knives, explosives, etc.
  3. Affirms the right to self-defense, of oneself and/or his or her family, and declares that nations are to permit and accept the exercise of this right as an affirmative defense in cases, so long as:
    a) The threat poses a clear and immediate danger to the life of the individual or his or her family,
    b) The force used in response is not excessive with regards to the threat of the situation presented,
    c) The force used is not agin law enforcement or any other lawful force that does not infringe upon the rights established by this Assembly,
  4. Affirms member states the right to attest the legality of the claim that a use of force was in self-defense, as according to the conditions established in Clause 3, in the court of law of the respective nation,
  5. Clarifies that nothing in this resolution should be read to void, infringe, or adversely impact any other right to or regulation of arms affirmed by this Assembly, but prohibits any extant criminalization of an exercise of defensive force either with any common object or unarmed, in self-protection,
  6. Further clarifies that nothing in this resolution should be read to infringe upon the efficacy of law enforcement or to promote violence,
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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Right to self-defense” was defeated 10,530 votes to 5,577.