Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the existence of indigenous peoples within member states of the World Assembly and the possible existence of indigenous peoples who have yet to be contacted but may eventually live in the territory of member states;

Defining indigenous as culturally-distinct peoples who inhabited lands before the arrival and their knowledge of a now-dominant culture or cultures;

Acknowledging that non-indigenous peoples may offer assistance and aid to the indigenous peoples they come in contact with, and vice versa;

Concerned that indigenous peoples have suffered or will suffer injustices and discrimination at the hands of the dominant culture(s), despite the possible illegality and immorality of such actions;

Seeking to not only maintain the cultural rights of indigenous peoples, but also to provide for their well-being and happiness;

Urges member nations to cooperate and communicate with indigenous peoples in a peaceful and respectful manner, and to seek to obtain indigenous peoples’ consent before engaging in any measures that may affect them;

Encourages member nations to provide opportunities for consenting indigenous peoples to peacefully assimilate and gain citizenship if they have not yet done so;

Recommends member nations allow indigenous peoples to own and maintain their artifacts and their ancestors’ artifacts;

Implores member nations to permit uncontacted indigenous peoples to continue to live within their native lands, and to permit contacted indigenous peoples to continue to live within their lands if they presently are doing so, unless a legitimate governmental need requires such land and no reasonable alternative exists, in which case the indigenous peoples in the area affected shall be given fair compensation and adequate time to prepare for their relocation to reasonably close and similar lands;

Requires member nations to allow indigenous peoples to practice and express their cultural traditions unhindered, so long as those practices are not illegal under the laws of the nation of which they inhabit or illegal under active WA resolutions;

Advises member nations to refrain from enacting any future legislation or policies that would seek solely to limit any reasonably harmless or peaceful specific practices of indigenous peoples;

Urges member nations to provide for indigenous peoples access to healthcare, education, employment, and representation.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Rights of Indigenous Peoples” was defeated 6,665 votes to 5,719.