Rights of the employed

The World Assembly,
Taking note of the numerous national and international laws that recognize a range of rights for workers;
Noting with regret that, despite all the rights that cover the previously cited laws, the workforce is still struggling to assert those rights;
Deeply concerned that this governing body does not have a resolution explicitly stating the rights of workers in their place of employment;

  1. Defines a “worker” as an individual who currently has a contract with an employer which entails carrying out particular tasks for that employer with the expectation of a regular monetary reward, including those individuals who are currently shadowing workers or are working as interns for that employer;

  2. Declares accordingly that this resolution, although not an exhaustive list of the rights possessed by all workers, is intended to ensure that they are aware of the rights they hold by law, as well as any protections from the unjust treatment they may be subjected to;

  3. Further declares accordingly that this resolution shall be applicable to all workers, except for Article E(3), which applies only to workers of lactating species such as humans and cows;

  4. Clarifies that workers in Member States shall enjoy protection from:

  5. dismissal, suspension from work, discrimination, and salary reduction as a result of childbirth or claiming maternity, paternity, and adoption leave (“parental leave”);

  6. discrimination on the grounds of gender identity, gender expression or sexual identity, including pay discrimination and unfair dismissal;

  7. being subject to hostile, offensive or intimidating behavior (including sexual harassment, domestic violence, and other unwanted approaches) as a condition of becoming or remaining employed, or otherwise in the course of their employment; and

  8. being retaliated against by their employer for participating in a trial or tribunal regarding discriminatory employment practices;

  9. Further clarifies that each worker in Member States:

  10. shall have the right to claim at least eight weeks of parental leave, during which they must receive their full expected wage from their employer, upon childbirth or adoption of a child below the age of majority;

  11. shall have the right to claim at least four weeks of this parental leave after childbirth or adoption of a child below the age of majority;

  12. who can prove to their employer that they cannot avoid breastfeeding their children in the workplace shall be entitled to:

  13. a private, safe, hygienic and ventilated area in that workplace, separate from any toilets that may exist on-site, which shall be reserved for the sole purpose of breastfeeding; and

  14. a period of the working day set aside for breastfeeding; which shall be equal to one-eighth of their working day, may also be divided into two or three equal periods and must be guaranteed for up to one year after the end of their parental leave;

  15. Encourages employers to promulgate policies on sexual harassment in the workplace, including by establishing fair and effective internal tribunals to deal with complaints thereof.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Rights of the employed was passed 11,828 votes to 10,133.