Rights of the Orphaned Child

Rights of the Orphaned Child

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Sanctaria

Description: The General Assembly,

SADDENED by the reality that many parents die before their children reach their national age of maturity;

BELIEVING that the care of these orphaned children is of the utmost concern, in accordance with this Assembly’s belief that a child has a right to have access to nourishment, clothing, basic education and healthcare, shelter and to be free from violence and abuse;

CONCERNED that some nations may not have legislation in place to accommodate any orphans pursuant to the aforementioned beliefs;


DEFINES, for the purpose of this resolution, an orphaned child as a being under the national age of maturity whose parents are now deceased and those who have been abandoned by their parents from the time of their birth until such a time they either reach the age of maturity, or are reclaimed;

FURTHER DEFINES, for the purpose of this resolution, a guardian as a citizen above their national age of maturity, assigned by the nation to care for the orphaned child until they reach the age of maturity;

MANDATES that in the event of a child being orphaned, the primary guardian(s) will be an elder sibling who has reached the national age of maturity or, failing such a sibling, another person(s) designated by the parents in the event of their death;

DIRECTS that failing the existence, willingness and/or competency of a primary guardian, the orphaned child shall be entrusted into the care of the State, a State-run body or a body that has been sanctioned to do so by the State, as appropriate;

ORDERS that all orphaned children entrusted to the care of the State, or equivalent as outlined above, be treated with, and provided with, the same dignity and rights of those who are still in the care of their parent(s)/primary guardian(s);

STRONGLY URGES that the State set up an Adoption Agency Board, or equivalent, to re-house the orphaned children with a vetted family or person(s), in order to provide the orphaned child with a stable home and otherwise normal childhood;

STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that if the number of orphans in a family exceed just the one, that the orphaned siblings be kept together in the event of their re-housing;

FURTHER RECOMMENDS that the State provide bereavement counselling and/or other support services to the orphaned child in order to better help them cope with the traumatic and saddening loss of their parents, and finally

AFFIRMS the right for orphans to request the State, or relevent authorites, for information regarding the medical history, or information in general, of their biological parents while at the same time affirming the right of their biological parents to refuse releasing information which may pertain to their identity.

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“Rights of the Orphaned Child” was passed 4,019 votes to 1,446.