RMB contest

For the discussion use of the folk(s) running this event.

First question: do you want this RMB contest on the TEP forum, the TEP RMB - or should we set up a special event RMB?

PRO for using an RMB is that it’s easiest to navigate and will probably generate more contestants.

CON for using an RMB is that it doesn’t memorialize contributions unless someone stays up 24/7 and faithfully records every post.

I’m working on some ideas for criteria to determine format and “best post” categories. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

There’d be a thread on the forum to direct eventgoers to this, but I think it’d mostly be on the RMB. The posts sliding off is a serious problem and there’s no way around it - perhaps if we got a whole crew of people watching? Also, I’d heard that Winnipeg had some script that tracked RMB posts. I could go ask him about that, if we’re okay with being so technical about it.

I’m happy being that technical about it. It’s down to the categories of RMB goodness, then, isn’t it?

All right, I’ve sent him a PM asking about it. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon (though as a heads-up, I’ll be unavoidably offline for the next coupla days).