RNBR News Bulletin Service

Good evening.

Four nights ago, a group of explorers looking for lost ruins in the jungles of Western 'Hats stumbled upon a secluded collections of valleys, containing within innumerable new flora and fauna, and many untouched tribal societies. Census has yet to be taken place, of course, but it is estimated that there are almost two thousand individuals, from no less than ten tribes, living in a three hundred mile area that they collectively refer to as “Gra’Sbrim”. It is thought that there are plans to patriate these peoples, in much the same way as the Hjornedhelmut clan was, while leaving them similarly independent.

It was certainly not an easy find - three explorers were taken during the night by persons or things unknown - and there were not any viable archaeological sites, but we believe that this could benefit people all across the nation.