[RP]Safe Haven

After several days traveling the ocean waters, hurricane evacuess have made their way to the East Pacific, from Gnidrah Islands in the Imperial Islands region. Part of the populace of over one billion will be making their way to the Gnidrah territory, just north of 1 Infinite Loop, while the remaining mass will be transported to the nation of Gnidrah.

Air and water crafts of the Gnidrahn military are being utilized for this massive evacuation effort, and will be traveling through international waters while en route to their destinations. The vessels are flying the Gnidrahn and East Pacific flags, as well as a plain white flag, in an effort to distinguish the fleet as one of non-aggression.

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To:  Premier Deborah Blair of Gnidrah

In the event that you require a port entry to Gnidrah, we offer the use of Tasmin City.  As we share a common border, our nation would welcome the opportunity to offer santuary to any refugees whom you are unable to accomodate.  Our Government is willing to offer financial and medical aid if required.

Peter Mappins, President of Kangarawa

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