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(Note: This is supposed to in Mandarin. This is a translation of what is being said. Despite English not being an official language, Bai Lung Central Television also has an English language channel which caters for overseas visitors. It is also broadcasted in Korean, Bai Lung’s other official language de facto)

Good evening…The Headlines from Bai Lung Central Television

BLCTV Praises the administration of Chen Jong Sun for donating 20 million Dendrites to local charity.

According to a nation wide survey, Sing Ren has the most Nationalistic sentiment in any part of the country

An unexpected flash flood in Fu Long Gong has killed 80,000 people and leaving almost 500,000 homeless.

This is BLCTV News…

Good evening, I’m Kim Lai Wang. Today, BLCTV would like to thank our Great Eternal Leader Chen Jong Sun for his generosity in donating 20,000,000 Da Dentrites to “Meals on Wheels”. The charity group, who specialises on helping the homeless would like to thank Mr.Chen for his generosity. Kim Huang Joon reports

Cuts to footage of Pyongjing

Pyongjing, the capital of Bai Lung, is home to over 10 million homeless people. Most of them seek refuge in run down buildings and to some extent, the sewers. The average life expectancy of a homeless is only 37 years, shorter than an South African with aids which is around 40 years. The local charity group, Meals on Wheels are trying to help reduce the population and encouraging the homeless to find new jobs. They are struggling trying to cater for the homeless due to lack of sufficient funds.

Cuts to interviewee

Roh Qi Aon (Spokesperson of Meals on Wheels): I believe there is still hope for the unfortunate ones. I believe they still have a future and if they believe in themselves, then it will come to them. No matter who we are, what background or income we’ve got, there is hope for all of us and our dreams WILL come true.

Cuts to more footage of Pyongjing.

Today, our Great Eternal Leader has donated 20 million Da Dendrites to Meals on Wheels. This is the largest single donation since last year. In 2005, he donated 6 million to Meals of Wheels. The Leader’s Secretary, Kang Il Shing explains that the donations will make a difference for Bai Lungese society.

Cuts to interviewee

Kang Il Shing (The Leader’s Secretary): The 20 million Da Dendrites, donated by our Great Leader will make a huge difference to Bai Lungese society. Not only it will reduces the homeless population substantially, the money will also help create new jobs and refurbish many of buildings which detracts tourists and very important visitors alike. The Leader would like to see people fulfilling their dreams, get on with life. He doesn’t like to burst the bubbles of young Bai Lungese.

Reporter: What further actions will the Leader embrace?

Kang: He has plans to donate a further 50 million Dendrites sometime this year. I won’t give any more details other than ones I’ve said earlier…

Reporters: Mr. Kang! One more question…

Kang Il Shing leaves as reporters try to follow him and asking questions at time time.

Cuts to footage of homeless. Then reporter speaking outside of a dilapidated building.

Mr Chen announces that he will donate 50 million Da Dendrites by the end of year. He also has proposals to reduce poverty by more than 50% by the end of 2010. With his help and our commitment to bring people back into work, it looks like we are going to see a better tomorrow. Kim Huang Joon reporting at Pyongjing.

Cuts to news studio

In a political survey held by BLCTV reports that Sing Ren has the most Nationalistic sentiment than in any other part of the country. According to our survey, more than 70% of residents would rather see a Nationalist party take control and more than 60% will vote for a Nationalist in the next election. The Education Secretary finds the trends highly disturbing. Wu Min Kyun reports.

Cuts to footage of Sing Ren.

Sing Ren, population 6.8 million. If you asked the locals who would you vote for, then this is your answer…

Civilian 1: (Nods to the reporter) Nationalist! (Nods again)

Civilian 2: I would vote for the nationalist because…err…I feel it would make a difference if we voted a different party. So I will vote for them when we get the chance.

Civilian 3: Hmm…after all these years, I would like to see some real change in this country, the current government has done little to get Bai Lung on to her feet. So…it’s the Nationalists for me!

Civilian 4: One simple answer for you, friend…Nationalist!

Civilian 5: They are the only ones who can change our lives.

Cuts to a graph

In a survey done by BLCTV, over 4,500,000 took part in it from all over the nation. According to the results, most Sing Ren residents will be voting for a Nationalist Government. 70% of Sing Ren residents want to see the Nationalist take power and over 60% will vote for a Nationalist in an election. Nationalistic sentiment doesn’t just exist in Sing Ren alone. Héméi comes second with 55% of residents willing to vote for a Nationalist . Linwon came third with 47% of residents willing to vote for a Nationalist.

Cuts to the Education Secretary reading the statistics.

The Education Secretary, Choi Yun is highly disturbed by the number of participants in the survey willing to vote for a different Government

Cuts to interviewee

Choi Yun: What can I say about this? These figures are very very appalling. I mean… why would our citizens vote for a group who arguably be much worse than ours? You’ve got to remember, during their tenure, there have been over 10 million deaths from poverty each year and this has peaked to 80 (million) in 1959. When our Leader took power in 1962, he managed to bring the deaths of poverty to just under 150,000…that’s a 99.8% DECREASE! That is proof that our leader has done something right.

Reporter: Judging by your reaction, what are you going to do?

Choi Yun: Well…uh…our plans are to spend 15 million to try and re-educate the citizens to convince them that the Nationalists are a basically Nazis. They must be aware that these are the same groups that brutally murdered several million people in the course of a decade. They are the same group who started the Nanjing Massacre. If the people want a Nationalist regime, then they need help! And quickly!

Cuts to footage of Bai Lungese walking in a Sing Ren mall

As each day goes by, there will be a slow increase of Nationalistic sentiments, the Education Secretary plans to spend around 15 million Dendrites. He will also ask pressure groups to send educational messages to the public. Their is aim is to denounce the Nationalists as an evil. Choi Yun, also has plans to persuade our Leader to add more stringent penalties to those who glorifies Nationalistic policies. For now, Sing Ren has a firm stance against the current government. Wu Min Kyun reporting, at Sing Ren.

Cuts to studio

A flash flood in the city of Fu Long Gong has killed at least 80,000 people and leaving almost half a million without shelter. The city which is situated in the Liu Xu province, has suffered a series of gale force and severe rainfall before the incident happened. Li Hwan reports.

Cuts to footage of people scooping up water with buckets

Heavy rain is hampering rescue efforts after last Tuesdays flash floods in the city of Fu Long Gong, with overnight downpours prompting fears of further flash floods. Rescuers are now using seismic sensors hoping to find any survivors. However, the chances of finding anyone are becoming slimmer by the day. Although there are more than 500 people confirmed dead, officials estimated the final toll as 80,000. Around half a million residents are left without homes and are currently sheltered in warehouses and stadiums. Park Run Dong was at the scene where the city once stood is now a wasteland.

Cut to Park Run Dong

Park Run Dong (Governor of Liu Xu): It’s…it’s a sad sad day for our citizens. The Bai Lungese didn’t want to see this, our Great Eternal Leader didn’t want to see this. We had suffered enough from the Nationalists, now this! Correct me if I’m wrong, does God hate us? I would like to thank the army for their support and huge determination to find any survivors. Keep the donations going and uh…thank you for listening.

Cuts to a blue screen with a statement

In a statement from our Great Leader, he says that:

— Begin quote from ____

"…Although the floods have made a significant impact on our society, it is important to donate as much as you can and getting on with our lives. Remember, these things are bound to happen no matter what we do. Even if we switched off all of our lights, the floods will happen one way or another. So please, dearest citizens, resume commuting.

— End quote

Cuts to rescuers scooping water with buckets

Despite having inadequate technology, the Bai Lungese army still have high hopes to find any survivors. Tomorrow, the environment secretary will be visiting the scene and Governor Park will be releasing a statement at the same day pending an investigation on why the dams failed to withstand moderately strong gale force winds. Li Hwan reporting at Fu Long Gong, Liu Xu province.

Cuts to studio

I’m Kim Lai Wang reporting for BLCTV News…Zàijiàn!

Good evening…The Headlines from Bai Lung Central Television

According to a health survey, 1 in 30 children under the age of 21 admit to smoking 3 packets of cigarettes a day, an increase of 50% in 2001.

Our Great Eternal Leader criticises the Dannistriaans for accusing the Bai Lungese company for supplying weapons to Tyrsis Prime.

Mass graffiti attacks in Port Sung’s cemetary are condemned by the community and ISB

New Jian Sha Zui residents are expected to be fluent in Mandarin by the end of 2006. The Jian Sha Zui Municipal Government will be launching a campaign to encourage Mandarin speaking in the city.

This is BLCTV News…

Good evening, I’m Kim Lái Wáng. A survey held by the Health and Safety Department reports that 1 in 30 children under the age of 21 are smoking more than 3 packs of cigarettes every day. That is an increase of 50% over the last 5 years. The Health Secretary has plans to crack down on underage smoking and add health warnings to all cigarette packs. Li Hwang reports

Cuts to footage of a boy smoking cigarettes in a brown box

This is Cho. He was born in the dilapidated apartments in Sing Ren. His mother was a junkie and his father was an alcoholic. His dad frequently beats up Cho and his mom and at one point, dad sliced a finger off from mom. This kept on going during his childhood until 2 years ago, his dad threw him out because he was caught smoking with his friends. Since then, both of his parents have died of natural causes and now lives in this brown box. At only age 14, he smokes at least 5 packets of cigarettes daily, the same amount that Humphrey Bogart would smoke as well.

Cuts to interviewee in a silhouette

Cho (Victim of domestic violence): I wish if…Mr.Chen just…gave us youths more freedom…more reforms. Maybe I would not smoke any cigarettes and I will be a good boy. He is the reason why my mom and dad acted like this. I only want my life back.

Cuts to a blue screen with graph

In a survey conduct by the Health and Safety Department, 1 in 10 children under the age of 21 smoked a cigarette once in their lifetime while 1 in 30 admitted to smoking at least 3 packets of cigarettes a day. This is an increase of 50% compared to 2001 where 1 in 15 children admitted to smoking at least once in their lifetime and 1 in 45 admitted to smoking at least 2 packets of cigarettes a day.

Cuts to footage of Health Secretary speaking to a client

The Health Secretary, Zhang Wook, condemns the number of children smoking at an early age. He plans to spend 30 million Da Dendrites alone to crack down on underage smoking and will impose stiffer penalties to any suppliers who sell cigarettes to under 21 in the near future. He will also spend 25 million on a campaign to remind schools that underage smoking is a serious offence.

Cuts to interviewee

Zhang Wook (Health Secretary): These figures are…to put summarise it one word…appalling! Why do children like to engage in an activity that is exclusively aimed at adults? The current generation have no discipline and no respect for the elderly. These devils like to smoke even if the place is a non-smoking area, they’d still do it! I remember 10 years ago (1996), only 1 in 150 admitted to smoking at least once in their life, now foward 10 years later and we get practically an entire new generation puffing away on our luxuries! Additional statistics suggests by the year 2010, 1 in 12 children will be smoking at least 3 packets (of cigarettes) a day and by 2015, 1 in 3 will be smoking 5 packets a day!

Reporter: And what do you plan to stop this from continuing?

Zhang Wook : I have plans to spend around 30 million to stop this trend for the people of Bai Lung and for our Great Eternal Leader! That amount of money will go to ISB (Internal Security Bureau) directly. They will be given more powers to conduct random spot checks to all children under the age of 21 and at the same time, they will be printing large posters reminding the folks that supplying tobacco to under 21s IS a serious offence. A further 25 million will be spent to educate teachers to remind them that they will be arrested if they fail to report this problem to ISB.

Reporter: Sir? I thought this was the job of the Home Secretary to crack down on these things?

Zhang Wook : It is the job of the Home Secretary, in fact, we are collaborating in the campaign to crack down on underage smoking. I am speaking on behalf of him.

Cuts to footage of Cho finishing his cigarette and lighting up another one shortly afterwards and then cuts to reporter

Mr Zhang also has plans to persuade the Home Secretary to increase jail sentences to those who fail to report any activities of underage smoking in an attempt to reduce the underage smokers to child population ratio to near zero. At the moment, the citizens of Bai Lung will be seeing more of these. I’m Li Hwang reporting in Sing Ren.

Cuts to news studio

Our Great Eternal Leader, Chen Jong Sun, has condemned the Dannistrian Government for accusing his Government for supplying weapons to the Tyrsisian insurgents. Roh Yimou reports

Cuts to war footage in Darril-Bensoh in Tyrsis Prime

This is Darril Bensoh. Once stood there are several high rise buildings, now just a total mess. Looting is a common sights day and night, Dannistrian troops struggle to keep law and order. Many troops compare Darril Bensoh to Baghad, a complete hell hole; no food, no water, no adequate shelter. This unfortunate soldier died because of a car bomb which was detonated in the city centre. He is the 95th casualty to die in the front line.

Cuts to interviewee

Corporal P’annil Davis-U’lushim: This is a sad day for us folks. Private Dan’kilsaarwip is a great man, a brave man. He’s a charismatic, energetic young man and now his life has been taken away by one explosion. I…(sniffs)…I’m sorry…I can’t say anymore…

Cuts to Defence Secretary reading a letter.

According to the Dannistriaan Government, the car bombs which happened in Darril-Bensoh are linked to Bai Lungese Arms Manufacturers who supplied the Tyrsisians several tonnes of C4 and Semtex explosives. Defence Secretary, Oh Rong Yi denies these claims.

Cuts to Oh Rong Yi speaking

Oh Rong Yi (Defence Secretary): There must be some sort of error, the Dannistriaan Government has jumped to conclusions by stating that Bai Lungese Arms Manufacturers have been supplying Tyrsisian insurgents. This claim is untrue, if we DID supply any weapons whether it’s knives or nuclear weapons, then they are obliged to inform us who did they sell what to who. Without insufficient evidence, this is nothing but a liable claim and whoever made that statement will be charged for war crimes.

Cuts to a another interviewee

Shaw Jong Tae (Zhong Guo/Bai Lung Arm’s Limited): Of course not! We have not supplied any weapons to these groups! The Dannistriaans are on to something. Are they planning to incite a war between us? Is this something to do with the long disputed island of Jong Il Shan? All our customers aren’t insurgents or what-not, the vast majority of our customers are film companies who want to buy cheap replicas of American guns or explosives for special effects for use in their movies. Our company is one of the most legitimate and successful Arm Manufacturers in Bai Lung. How dare they accuse us of selling weapons to terrorist. We condemn terrorism!

Cuts to blue screen with a statement

Our Great Eternal Leader, Chen Jong Sun has released a statement regarding the accusations of Bai Lungese Arms Manufacturers. He states that:

— Begin quote from ____

“…There must be some sort of mistake. I had given specific orders to all Arms Manufacturers, if any company sold their produce to terrorist organisations, then the company will closed down and dealt with severely. Right now, all I’m asking the Dannistriaan Governmen is to apologise for their mistakes.”

— End quote

Cuts to footage in Darril-Bensoh

At the mean time, the Bai Lungese Government have opened an investigation to why 50 tonnes of C4 and Semtex were sent to Tyrsisian insurgents. The Defence Secretary will also release a statement regarding the current situation between both sides. Roh Yimou reporting in Darril-Bensoh in Tyrsis Imperium.

Cuts to studio

A mass graffiti attack in Port Sung has shocked the entire community as slogans such as "Down with Chen! and “Hail the Nationalists” provoke huge controversy in Bai Lung. Shu Tao reports.

Cuts to images of vandalised tombstones

Slogans like “Death to Chen”, “Kill Chen”, “No Commie Zones”, “Hail the Nationalists” and in one case a swastika was sprayed on the tombstone of our Great Eternal Leader’s mother. Graffiti like these have shocked the nation and the Port Sung community has condemned the vicious acts.

Cuts to people talking to reporters.

Civilian 1: They can’t go on like this! I’m 100% against these horrific acts. How dare they insult our Great Eternal Leader!

Civilian 2: These acts are brutal…I can’t stand it!

Civilian 3: No…we can’t allow this to happen. I hope the culprits will be caught sooner rather than later. Why do they like the Nationalists? They were the ones who created poverty and high levels of crime. Thanks to our Great Eternal Leader, he has given us freedom, more food and more jobs. This unacceptable crime must be stop before the message will corrupt our new generation.

Civilian 4: …a disgrace really…(cries)

Civilian 5 Where was ISB when we need them?

Cuts to an ISB senior official reading a complaint

ISB have received over 100,000 complaints from the community and the head of ISB has plans to crack down on anti-social behavior.

Cuts to an ISB senior official talking to reporter

Xu Lin Wei (Head of Internal Security Bureau): I condemn the dreadful acts at the Port Sung cemetery. This is a serious offence, we will catch the perpetrators and they will be dealt with severely. Vandalising the tombstone of our Great Eternal Leader’s mother especially with graffiti that glorifies Nationalistic ideology is not the way forward for young Bai Lungese. The penalty for doing such crimes is execution. If the reprobates who did these turn themselves in, they will be given a lighter sentence. It would also reduce the amount of red tape.

Cuts to images of people reacting to the vandalised tombstones

ISB have placed notices throughout the country appealing for any witnesses who might have seen the culprits and their whereabouts. This is Shu Tao reporting in the Ling Ling Cemetery in Port Sung.

Cuts to studio

The New Jian Sha Zui Municipal Government will be launching a campaign to encourage residents to speak Mandarin from 2007. All citizens are expected to be fluent in Mandarin by the end of this year. Those with bad or heavily accented Mandarin must enroll in remedial Mandarin classes in order to improve on their accents. Hung Ji-Tae reports.

Cuts to footage of a busy market in New Jian Sha Zui.

Jian Sha Zui is home to 2.7 million people, around 91% are from the Guangdong province in The People’s Republic of China. They mostly communicate in Cantonese, a dialect of Chinese spoken exclusively in the province. Most residents have no grasp of Mandarin and they speak in slow Cantonese to get their point across but with no avail.

Cuts to a guy sweeping the floors with a straw mop

Chan Bok Man is an immigrant from Xiang Gang (Hong Kong). He came to Bai Lung in 2000 because he has relatives in New Jian Sha Zui so he moved there to see his nephew. He has huge difficulty in learning Mandarin.

Cuts to interviewee speaking in Cantonese with a translated voiceover.

Chan Bok Man: New Jian Sha Zui is a great place to live in, income is very high (about 50,000 Dendrites annually), there are tax breaks and flat rentals are very cheap. I want to work as hard as possible and at the same time spend time with my family. Learning to speak Mandarin is very difficult to learn, I have difficulty speaking English never-mind Mandarin! (Laughs) I want Mr.Chen to leave our dialect alone and realise that there are minority languages here just like any other country. I want to preserve Cantonese as a whole. My aim is to teach future generations to speak it and at the same time be aware of the dangers that the Government are trying to do. To me Cantonese is the most important language in the world.

Cuts to an Official reading documents.

In the New Jian Sha Zui Central People’s Bank, the Municipal Government is spending 15 million Da Dendrites on campaign to encourage Mandarin speaking in all areas of the city. Cai Xiao Mei argues that speaking Mandarin only will ease tensions between ethnic groups.

Cuts to the Official speaking to the reporter.

Cai Xiao Mei (Mayor of New Jian Sha Zui): Speaking Mandarin will help ease any ethnic tensions between minority groups. There will be no sense of insecurity in our society. Why do the people like to speak Cantonese? Are they trying to hide any messages which might offend our Great Eternal Leader? They have got nothing hide from! One way or another, their conservations will be translated and when we find out they are criticising the administration of our Great Eternal Leader, then they will arrested an re-educated for their troubles. Mandarin is the way forward because we want to know who’s happy and who isn’t. Their dialect is a burden to our economy, we have to waste a few minutes alone from translating basic conversations. If they are willing to be speak Mandarin, there would be no problems. Money will be flowing like a waterfall. Smooth as silk!

Reporter: What are you going to do in the near future?

Cai Xiao Mei: I have plans to introduce a campaign which will encourage the residents to be fluent in Mandarin by the end of this year. If any citizens lack proficiency i.e have bad or heavily accented Mandarin will not be allowed to find employment unless they enroll in remedial classes. I expect by the year 2008, that 75% of all residents to be fluent in Mandarin, any lower than the minimum quota means a disaster for the community and more money wasted. They need to drastically adjust their customs to suit our strict criterion.

Cuts to market sellers shouting something in Cantonese

Despite the with different dialects in the city, Cai Xiao Mei still has high hopes for residents both new and old. Next week, she will be visiting schools to ensure Mandarin is being taught in all classes. Hung Ji-Tae reporting at New Jian Sha Zui, Chen Gang province.

Cuts to studio

That’s all from me, next up is Bai Lung Culture Express. I’m Kim Lai Wang reporting for BLCTV News…Zàijiàn!

Good evening…The Headlines from Bai Lung Central Television

Dannistrian Prime Minister has plans to visit Bai Lung to hold talks about recent controversy on Bai Lungese Arms Manufacturers supplying weapons to Tyrsis Prime.

General Fang Jia Wei has been murdered in his home in Sing Ren. His body was discovered with multiple stab wounds. ISB have appealed for the public to find his killers.

Mass attacks on Bai Lungese citizens with camcorders dubbed as Happy Slapping in the United Kingdom cause huge controversy in Bai Lung. Depute Head of ISB Yang Sun condemns the acts committed by young citizens.

Bai Lung’s oldest man celebrates his 126th birthday.

Endangered species Giant Panda is a potential candidate to replace the dragon as the national animal.

This is BLCTV News…

Good evening, I’m Kim Lái Wáng. Dannistrian Prime Minister P’aanil F’orrlason Smith is to visit Bai Lung to hold talks regarding the recent controversy which Bai Lungese Arms Manufacturers are allegedly supplying weapons to Tyrsisian insurgents. Yesterday, our Great Eternal Leader has released a statement denying all claims and that it was rogue employees who secretly supplied several AK-47s and plastic explosives of various types to terrorist groups. The Prime Minister is expected to visit Bai Lung around Mid to late March. Kim Huang Joon reports

Cuts to footage Dannistrian troops firing at an abandoned church with rocket launchers.

108th His/Her Majesties Royal Ha’na-Bi 108 Regiment are flushing out this church in Nordan Tyrsis with rocket launchers and hand grenades. They claimed that it was housing suspected terrorist groups. 5 hours later, the building was rigged with C4 and was detonated shortly.

Cuts to a burnt out car and then a soldier covered with dirt. Camera zooms into his body which is covered with burns.

This car containing half a ton of explosives blew up in a suburb of Darril-Bensoh claiming 6 more lives in the front line. This soldier was the lone survivor of 7 troops on a daily patrol route. Next time, he might be pushing up daisies.

Cuts the soldier talking to reporters.

Private James Ha’rlinskitch-Carson (108th His/Her Majesties Royal Ha’na-Bi 108 Regiment): It was a normal patrol routine and I asked the sergeant if I could stop for a brief break. She said “yes” and I was given the chance to do so. Just as I took a sip of water from my canteen, one of my friends screamed “BOMB!”…then all of a sudden there was a large bang and I was buried in several tonnes of concrete. I was lucky that time…had I been in the middle of the road I would’ve been dead.

Cuts to P’aanil F’orrlason Smith talking to some members of the public.

The Dannistriaan Prime Minister P’aanil F’orrlason Smith is planning to visit Bai Lung and hold talks there regarding the recent controversy of Arm Manufacturers allegedly supplying weapons to Tyrsisian insurgents. He is expected to visit the capital Pyongjing around mid to late March.

Cuts to him speaking in a conference.

P’aanil F’orrlason Smith (Dannistrian Prime Minister): I hope the peace talks in Bai Lung will ease tensions between both sides. I will expect the Bai Lungese Government to be cooperative and help us deal with the current situation. I respect any statements they make and it would be undemocratic to have a one sided argument. I ask this question: what if we are wrong and the bombs actually belong to another nation closely linked with (Tyrsisian) insurgents.

Reporter: When are you going to visit Bai Lung?

P’aanil F’orrlason Smith : I hope to visit Bai Lung around mid to late March. I will confirm the date next week.

Cuts to footage of a burning car in Darril-Bensoh

While the Prime Minister will be confirming final dates for his visit to Bai Lung, scenes like these will go on. At the same time, Defence Secretary Oh Rong Yi announce that he will be visiting Nordu Dannistra tomorrow morning to meet the Prime Minister. Kim Huang Joon reporting in Ry’u P’aanailuia, outside of Darril-Bensoh in Tyrsis Prime.

Cuts to news studio

General Fang Jia Wei, who helped our Great Eternal Leader to get into power in 1962 has been murdered in his home in Sing Ren. His body was found lying on the front doorstep of his home with multiple stab wounds. The motive behind this attack is likely to be political. Li Hwang reports.

Cuts to a house with ISB guarding the area.

A large crowd is mourning when legendary General Fang Jia Wei was found murdered at his home in Sing Ren. There were complaints from neighbours because of a horrible smell in the General’s home. ISB intervened and smashed down the door to find the 97 years old’s body lying there with multiple stab wounds. ISB said he was killed around 11 PM when someone knocked on his door. He was then stabbed by one person and held firmly by another. ISB have concluded that his murders were politically motivated and have appealed to the public to come forward and give crucial evidence which might help find Fang’s killers.

Cuts to archive footage of General Fang speaking circa 1962

General Fang Jia Wei was born in February 15th 1909 in the outskirts of Chen Tai Soon, he was raised in the dilapidated suburbs of the city. His mother was a market seller and his dad was a soldier. He was only 15 when he was enlisted to Bai Lung Liberation Army just a few days shy of his 16th birthday. He served tour of duty for 3 years and was given various tasks from sweeping the barracks floors to delivering messages to high ranking officers. In 1937, he was sent to China to fight in the Sino-Japanese war where he met our Great Eternal Leader. He became instant friends during the war and by the end of the war he had lost contact with our Leader until he met him again in 1959 when our Leader was protesting in Choktak in an attempt to overthrow the evil Nationalists. He would be the one who planned the crucial movements to overthrow them via a coup d’état. The movement proved to be a winning strategy for the People’s Workers Party as they gained power in 24th June 1962. 10 years later, he was awarded the Chen Jong Sun Medal of Honour by our Great Eternal Leader. He was given a place to work as Defence Secretary which he started from 1973-1989. In 1989, he was forced to resign after pressure from General about allegations of paedophillia which was later dropped by our Great Eternal Leader. Many of the accusers where subsequently executed. In 1990, increasing support for the Nationalists resulted in an attempted assassination of the legendary general. He was shot in the stomach and left there for 3 hours until a passer by saw him lying at his door step. In 1993, again he almost had his life taken, this time someone burned down his house. He only suffered minor burns. In 1997, his life was almost taken away a third time when a Nationalist sympathiser unloaded his entire clip on him. Fortunately, he was wearing bullet-proof armour and the perpetrator was taken down shortly. In mid 2005, he was awarded the Chen Jong Sun Lifetime Achievement Award for his duty in overthrowing the previous Government.

Cuts to a blue screen with a statement.

Our Great Eternal Leader has released us a statement offering his condolences to Fang’s friends and relatives. He mentions that…

— Begin quote from ____

“…it is a very downhearted day to see one of the most important figures of my generation murdered in his home. He helped remove the corrupt dictatorship of the nameless, faceless Junta and introduced real Democracy in this country. He has been murdered in vain and he will rest in peace and will be given a place in Political History. The juveniles who did this will be found and charged fairly…”

— End quote

Cuts to an ISB officer talking to a reporter

The Head of Internal Security Bureau, Xu Lin Wei will be opening an investigation on how the General was murdered and why his body guards failed to protect him. He believes the murders were politically motivated and the killers are linked to Nationalists themselves.

Xu Lin Wei (Head of Internal Security Bureau): I condemn the acts of murder towards our people especially when the victim is a very important figure of the 20th century. General Fang was our Great Eternal Leader’s mentor and to some extent, a real father to him. The youths who murdered him have no regarded for the elderly or it’s politically motivated in some way.

Reporter: What further actions will you embrace?

Xu Lin Wei:Well…I will be launching an investigation into the murder of Fang. This is an extremely serious crime and anyone who murders anybody especially an important figure will be dealt with severely, the penalty for murder is death. So far, all the information we gathered is that the General has been murdered in his home and there are at least 3 youths involved. I will appeal to the public for any vital information which could find his killers. I want to know how many people were involved, what they look like and where they live.

Reporter: Do you think this has something to do with politics?

Xu Lin Wei: Yes, I do believe it had something to do with politics. Over the last 2 decades, he was harassed by a group of Nationalistic youths, I won’t give any details at the behest of his family. I all can say is that his killers were linked Nationalist groups.

Cuts to ISB standing at the murder scene

So far, there have been no new information regarding the murder but ISB have been placing notices throughout the country to ask for any witnesses to come foward. This is Li Hwang reporting at General Fang’s house at Sing Ren.

Cuts to studio

There has been mass attacks on Bai Lungese citizens by youths with camcorders in which they record the attacks and distribute the footage to friends and other sources. The term has been coined in the United Kingdom as Happy Slapping where a group of people slap an unsuspecting victim while on of the perpetrators films the assault. Roh Yimou reports.

Cuts to a montage of people getting assaulted

In Bai Lung, you will get images like these…and these…and these. It’s a new phenomenon called Happy Slapping, a term coined by the United Kingdom. It involves a gang of youths who assault an unsuspecting victim while one of the youths films the assault. Most victims tend to alone especially women. These images can be distributed freely by any means and can reach the other side of the globe.

Cuts a a middle aged man in bandage.

This is Jeong, he is one the victims of this fad. He was walking along this street to buy his weekly supplies until a gang of 10 youths surrounded him and kicked him several times. He noticed one of the youths was holding a camera phone to film the assault. He has called for the technology to be banned.

Cuts to the interviewee in a shadow

Jeong (Victim of Happy Slapping): I was walking across this street (points at a street) until a group of 10 or so youths came to and asked: “Hi, old bag of bolts” I replied “What do you want?” (they said) “You!” They shoved me to the floor and started to kick me death while one of them held some sort of camera attached to the phone. I heard that phones nowadays are capable of recording footage of any sort and I guess I was a victim of this violent crime. I can’t go out without proper security now. I fear that it’ll extend from assault to murder. I want our Leader to ban such technology.

Cuts to a murder scene

Unfortunately, the worst scenario does come true in this case. It is more than a mere Happy Slap, it becomes a Happy Murder. This man had been shot 6 times in the chest near the famous Mao Zedong market place in Pyongjing. The culprits were caught red-handed shortly and in one of the youths belongings was a camera phone. His phone contained footage of the victim getting shot 6 times and then his eyes were gouged several times by camera operator. Both youths were charged of murder and executed.

Cuts to an ISB officer looking at documents and examining the Happy Slap footage with a distraught look.

Depute Head of ISB Yang Sun has plans to crack down on anti-social behaviour including the Happy Slap incidents. He vows to spend 25 million Da Dendrites on advertising alone to remind Bai Lungese citizen that this phenomenon is a serious offence. He is currently asking the Home Secretary to launch a phone amnesty to encourage Bai Lungese citizens to hand in their camera phones.

Cuts to interviewee.

Yang Sun (Depute Head of ISB): This fad is unacceptable…no matter how short this phenomenon is, it will be classified as a serious assault. It is also an offence to record any images or footage without the persons consent. An offence like these is at least 20 years in prison and in the case of the murder of Kim Lin Dong the punishment is death. I have plans to spend 25 million Dendrite on an advertising campaign and remind the citizens that it is a serious offence to film and assault anyone on the streets. I will be collaborating with the Home Secretary to launch a Phone Amnesty to encourage citizens to hand in their camera phones in an effort to reduce this fad. Happy Slapping incidents has gone through the roof. In December last year, there were 300 incidents. Last month there was 1800. To date, there are 19,000 cases of Happy Slapping , 15% of them were murders. We must stop this or it will get out of hand.

Cuts to more footage of Happy Slapping

The Home Secretary will be releasing a statement regarding the current situation of this fad, will it grind to a halt or will we see more of these everyday? This is Roh Yimou reporting in Pyongjing.

Cuts to studio

Bai Lung’s oldest man, Li Dé Hua is celebrating his 126th birthday. He is currently the eldest person in the world beating Jeanne Calment who dead at the age of 122 in 4th August 1997. Hung Ji-Tae reports.

Cuts to a group of people singing Happy Birthday to You at Li Dé Hua.

This is Li Dé Hua, born in 26th February 1880. His father was a steel worker and his mom was a house maid. He was raised in the run down areas of Port To which to this day he still lives in the city. Here, his relatives consisting of 10 generations are here to celebrate his 126th birthday. He is currently the eldest living man and the oldest person ever beating France’s Jeanne Calment who lived at the age of 122.

Cuts to interviewee

Li Dé Hua (Oldest Person): I feel happy to beat the oldest person by a good 4 years…maybe it was my humour which kept me going. My son is still alive, I’m happy to see my son, my grand-son and my great grand son all at my 126th birthday. There are no secrets to my longevity, you just need to believe in yourself and have a little humour mixed into the cocktail. I’ll be celebrating my 130th birthday soon! (Laughs)

Cuts to another interviewee.

Li Jhoo Won (Grandson of Li Dé Hua): I can’t believe he is still around here, my family is possibly the luckiest family in Bai Lung and the whole world. He has been through two World Wars and the last days of the Boer war, I’m quite astonished! He has never smoked or drank alcohol, in fact he eschewed both. I’ve went through War War 2 and I remember a group of Japanese troops screamed at my dad. He shouted ‘Baka’ when he did not do as they said! I’m 82 and I will be 83 in 2 months time.

Cuts to Li Dé Hua blowing candles and his family clapping their hands.

Li Dé Hua had received a birthday card from our Great Eternal Leader and wishes him a happy 126th birthday. The American Company: Guiness Book of Records will be adding his name once again as the oldest living person and as the oldest person in the world. This is Hung Ji-Tae reporting at Port To.

Cuts to studio

There have been reports from the Bai Lungese government that they are considering replacing the country’s current National Animal the Dragon to the Giant Panda. The black and white bear animals are found in the Sichuan province of the People’s Republic of China and may become the new National Animal as the Dragon is declining in numbers. Wu Min Kyun reports.

Cuts a giant panda eating bamboo.

This is a giant panda. It is easily recognised through its large, distinctive black patches on the eyes, ears and on its rotund body. These lovable animals are found exclusively in the Sichuan Province of China and they are declining in numbers. They are one of the most endangered animals in the world with approximately 1,600 of them in the wild and around 160 of them in captivity. In the Chen Jong Sun zoo in Pyongjing, the staff are looking after Chen Jun and Ling Sing. They are currently on loan for 12 years and any off spring they produce must be handed back to China when reach they are 4 years old.

Cuts an interviewee.

Liang Song-Hui (Chen Jong Sun Zoo Staff): These animals are amazing, they have a strikingly beautiful appear which appeals to Western and Eastern public alike. They like to eat bamboo and this adds to their innocence unlike some of the other people here!

Cuts to a someone talking on the phone

The Government is considering changing the Nation Animal to the giant panda. The reason for this change is because of the current N.A, the Dragon is in sharp decline. There are currently only 260 in the wild and due to the nature of the Dragon, they are impossible to be kept in captivity. This is a 1000% decline since 2000 where 2600 are in the wild. Many have welcomed this move.

Cuts to interviewee

Cho Liu Hui (Member of Central People’s Bank): This would be a crucial move switching the nation animal to the giant panda. It would help improve our image as a whole and it would improve trade links between us and the Chinese. It will make Bai Lung as a better place, more tourist equals more money. Our Great Eternal Leader will make good use of the profit and spend it on improving education and transport.

Cuts to more footage of pandas eating bamboo

The government will be sending ballot papers throughout the country to allow the public to decide which animal should the new National Animal. Early sources indicate that the panda will be ahead of the dragon by a long margin. This is Wu Min Kyun reporting at Pyonging.

Cuts to studio

Before we go, there has been a statement from our Great Eternal Leader sent to us a minute ago. It’s about Kelssek’s aid offer to help victims of the Fu Long Gong floods in Liu Xu province. Our Great Eternal Leader wrote:

— Begin quote from ____

“…I politely decline the offer made by Prime Minister Kerk to help Fu Long Gong citizens in the wake of the floods last week. The number of deaths in the city have been greatly exaggerated and despite having inadequate technology, we do have 5 million strong troops in this country. I appreciate the generous offer from PM Kerk but I feel it is the business of the Bai Lungese…”

— End quote

That’s all from me, next up is Culture Express. I’m Kim Lai Wang reporting for BLCTV News…Zàijiàn!