Rules and Responsibilities

Will we have rules and responsibilities dispersed between the three of us?

For instance will anyone be allowed to declare a verdict (guilty, not guilty, mitrial, etc…)

Will we allow double jeopardy to apply if someone is unbanned?

How much time will we let pass before someone voids his case by not making a statement about the acusations aganist him or herself.

i would say we should may official rules for the EP court system

I think 48 hours would be reasonable.

All decisions such as mistrials and verdicts must be done by majority vote.

Double jepoardy… jeaporady… damnit, double jepaordy… ARRGH double jeopardy should always apply since it’s in the Articles of Confederation, amendment V. The US Constitution is being used, so I think we should assume the American system applies here.

Oh just so everyone knows IL has given me permission to rewrite the articles of confederation, properly formatting, spell checking it and making sure its grammatically correct and what not. ill be posting here and to him every modification i make for verification.