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Ruseniyan Information Agency
The Ruseniyan Information Agency is designed to provide any news about the events within Ruseniya to the international community, and also provide any information about ongoing events in the world to the citizens of Ruseniya along with other news publishers.[hr]

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Ruseniyan elections: And the winner is…[hr]
The last, third round of elections of the President of Ruseniya finally ended: the votes are counted, and the verifying commission can announce the winner.
So, the results of the final round of voting are as follows:
-Gor Bregovin, the candidate from the “Narodnoye Delo” party (“People’s Cause”): 2%
-Liana Grevich, from the Ruseniyan Liberal Party: 15% of the vote
-Sark Akopyan, from the Industrialists Party: 32.72% of the vote
-Dimitri Levin, the candidate from the Ruseniyan Social-Democratic Party.50,28%

We remind you, that presidential elections in Ruseniya are held
according to the Absolute Majotity Rule and to the Single Transferable Vote System.
That means the candidate wins the election if he was able
to collect (50%)+1 votes in the first round (the first line of the ballot),
including the vote ballots, where the candidate was marked as 2nd, 3rd, and so on, choice,
if the candidates, marked above him, left the race.

And the President of People’s Republic Ruseniya becomes Dimitri Levin, unofficial “face” of Ruseniyan Social-Democratic Party.

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Ruseniya joined SPEAR
Ruseniyan Parliament and Ruseniyan President Dimitri Levin announced that Ruseniya joined Special Protocol for Economic Alliance Ratification .

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We hope that this will benefit our nation, because we will work closer with our good neighbor Zukchiva. This will only benefit our economy, and will not affect citizens rights or freedoms.

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With that, Ruseniyan Government established new currency exchange centres in major ruseniyan cities. Maybe it is time for us to say “hello” to zukchivan currency, namely South Hills Dollar?

Slavodar on the shoulders of the ancient

Recently, at several construction sites in the center of Slavodar, ancient jewelery, coins and even weapons have been found, some finds more than 700 years old.
In connection with this, archaeological excavations were carried out in 7 places, scientists came to the conclusion that the found artifacts, as well as the remains of the wall found in the excavation site on Brazhnikova Street
are part of the ancient city from which Slavodar itself was born

Now it is known that this city - Mehaad, was once an important trading route, and it was well guarded. Stone masonry walls were supposedly manufactured using the technology used to build temples,
that provided a huge service life of fortifications.

Mehaad was one of the union of trading cities in the continental part of South Gondwana, and carried out the supply of fur and jewelry to the northern regions:
this follows from the records on the clay tablets and jugs found on the excavation sites.

It was decided at the conclusion of the excavations to create a series of closed pavilions with concrete roof slabs that allow both to preserve archaeological finds that can not be removed from the ground completely and do not damage them and continue construction